Mivi DuoPods M20 Genuine Review in 2021- Specs, Price, and Performance

Mivi, a proudly owned Indian electronic accessories manufacturer has bought some really awesome and bombastic earbuds in the market.

Previously, Indian markets were used to be filled with Chinese, Korean, and American accessories but thanks to the Indian startups Mivi and Boat that have bought us fabulous electronic accessories such as earbuds, earphones, headphones, at very cheap prices.

The “Make in India” campaign launched by the Indian government and people ideology to keep other countries’ products aside has created a positive impact on the Indian company’s businesses. Mivi was started back in 2015 and has seen tremendous growth in its revenue just within a span of 2 years.

Besides selling the earbuds, Mivi is also in the business of manufacturing top-class mobile chargers, USB cables, screen guards, mobile cases, power banks, etc. Mivi is becoming more popular in India because of its products that are designed especially for Indians with low prices and high-performance output.

In this blog post, we are going to give you a detailed overview of Mivi Duopods. Some of its most popular earbuds are Mivi Duopods M20, Mivi Duopods M40, and Mivi Duopods M80 and we are going to review Mivi M20.

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mivi duopods m20

Mivi DuoPods M20 Reveiw: Price, Specifications, Pros & Cons

Mivi DuoPods M20 comes with a matte finish which looks premium in design. If we talk about the built-in quality then it is made up of plastic with average durable quality. The earbuds are available in four different colors namely Black, White, Red, and Blue.

What is the Price of Mivi DuoPods M20?

Though, Mivi DuoPods M20 initial price at the time of its official launch was Rs 2,999 but now the DuoPods M20 is available only for Rs 1199 on Flipkart. If you want to purchase it is much lower prices then you should wait for the Flipkart sale.

During the Flipkart sale, the price of the Mivi DuoPods M20 goes much lower to Rs 899. Also, note that the M20 DuoPods are exclusively available on Flipkart and the official Mivi website.


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mivi duopods m20

What are your reviews on Mivi DuoPods M20?

The TWS earbud, Mivi DuoPods M20 reviews ranges from average to good. If we look at its Flipkart rating which is around 4/5 considered to be an average. Seeing the budget price, the quality and inbuilt design are tolerable.

The earbuds are splash /sweat-proof making them fully usable during workouts and outdoors. You should also keep in mind that those Mivi earbuds are not water-proof so it’s better to keep them away from water.

The main feature of any earbuds is sound-quality, then Mivi DuoPods M20 earbuds will be rated 4 out of 5. The sound quality lies above average and comes with deep bass technology with a wireless range of 10 meters. Overall, the sound quality is well and fine in the given price range.

The DuoPods M20 supports capacitive touch which works fine. The music can be easily played or paused with just a single click. The Mivi DuoPods also supports the voice assistant Google, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Siri.

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Mivi DuoPods M20: Specifications

Earbuds Type True Wireless
Connectivity Features

Bluetooth V5.0

Splash/ Sweat Proof Yes, comes with IPX5 rating water-resistant Technology
Controlling Feature Capacitive Touch control
Supportive Range Upto 10 metres
Battery Life Upto 6-7 hours tested
Microphone/ Calling Support Yes

Mivi DuoPods M20 Battery and Connectivity

The company claims that this earbud has got up to 20 hrs of battery backup time. As far as the experts have tested it, the DuoPods M20 can easily deliver a battery backup of around 7-8 hours. The earbuds come with a typical charging configuration which takes normally around 1 hour to get fully charged.

The Mivi DuoPods M20 has also an LED indicator clearly notifies us when the battery status.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the earbud comes with an auto-connect feature and can work on both Android/iOS. Also, it can support the device having up to Bluetooth V5.0.

mivi duopods m20

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What’s inside the box of Mivi DuoPods M20?

Mivi DuoPods M20 box contains charging support, silicone pair tips, user-manual, as well as a charger. Probably, there are only fewer brands out there that provide charging cable inside the box.

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Touch functionality of Mivi DuoPods M20

Mivi DuoPods M20 is inbuilt with really simple touch functionality which is very simple and straightforward to learn. Some of the major touch functionalities are listed below.

  • To connect a call, just click on the left or right side of the earbuds. Whereas to disconnect a call, just click and hold the earbuds for 2 seconds and the call will be disconnected automatically.
  • In order to play or pause the song, click on any of the earbuds. Additionally, if you want to play the next song then click on the right earbuds twice. Whereas to play the previous song, click on the left earbuds twice.
  • To activate the voice assistant command of Google, Alexa, or Siri at that time click on the earbuds 3 times.

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What are the Pros & Cons of Mivi DuoPods M20?

Mivi DuoPods M20 is considered to be one of the genuine combinations of price and performance but it does have some pros & cons that we are going to discuss below.


1) Sound Quality is excellent in the given price range.

2) Google and iOS assistant support.

3) Easy to navigate i.e. you can cancel/pick phone calls and play/ pause the music with just a single click.

4) Has got a standby time of 24 hours.

5) All the major inbox accessories are present so you don’t have to spend some extra pennies on buying a charging cable or capsule.

6) Provides up to a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


1) Earbuds capsule quality is average and might not bear falls.

2) Lagging issues can be seen while playing games such as PUBG, Freefire, COD, etc.

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Conclusion on Mivi DuoPods M20

Mivi is an Indian brand and its DuoPods M20 is considered one of the best earbuds in the budget segment. The brand is giving strong competition to all the Chinese and American brands in the market.

The Mivi was started just to develop ear accessories but slowly they are gaining ground in India. The company is expanding its business to other electronic accessories such as chargers, cables, and many more.

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