Motorola Flip Phone to come with Outward Foldable Display- Patent Suggests!!!

If you’ve seen the new foldable smartphone from Motorola, you know that it comes with a clamshell design and a flip screen. However, the company is also working on the evolution of the flip phone. 

It recently launched its own clamshell flip phone, revealing its own plans for a future version. While we’re waiting for the Flip Phone to hit the market, we’re excited to see what they have in store.

Motorola has already received a patent for the new foldable phone. It’s similar to other foldable phone patents, and it’s expected to debut in 2022. 

The device will feature a case cover that will protect the screen when in the folded position and doubles as a stand. The display will also be touch-sensitive. Moreover, the new flip phone will have wireless charging capability.

This design patent is similar to that of the Motorola Razr. It’s similar to the Flippai, except that the bottom part of the display is shorter than the top. 

This hinge would be an entirely new solution, allowing the phone to fold flush without a crease. The smartphone will be able to fold at any angle, requiring little or no effort on the user’s part.

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Motorola Flip Phone to come with Outward Foldable Display

Motorola Flip Phone to come with Outward Foldable Display

The phone could be designed in a variety of ways. While the Razr flip phone is similar to the one that was first released by Motorola, the patent shows how it might look like if it were made by another manufacturer. 

It will have a flexible screen with a hinge in the middle. It will have a single camera module that is mounted on the rear panel. The rear panel is rounded, so the camera module likely will be in the front.

The Razr flip phone has been a staple of the industry since 1996, when Motorola introduced the world’s first foldable smartphone. The Razr Flip Phone looks like it has a front-and-back display, but that’s just a small part of it. The two sides of the Razr are essentially the same. The Motorola patent is actually a clamshell.

The new Motorola Moto X foldable will feature a flexible screen with a hinge in the middle. It’s likely to have one camera module. The camera will likely be mounted on the upper half of the rear panel. 

The module will likely be positioned for both the front-facing and the back-facing camera. The foldable display allows the device to function as a tablet and a phone, while it’s also a flexible and versatile piece of kit.

Its foldable display features a large, flexible display with a large display on the top and a smaller, curved back. The smartphone’s patented outward foldable display will enable it to fold into a tablet shape when the device is opened.

The Razr Flip Phone looks similar to the Razr V3 flip phone, but has an outward foldable display. The design, as a result, saves space for one additional camera module and one smaller screen. 

The Motorola Moto X is also likely to feature a front-facing camera. The price is still unknown. But we’re excited to see it. And we’ll have to wait for the release!

The design is similar to that of the Razr V3 Flip Phone. It has a small display on the top half and an external display on the bottom. It is a phone with a display on both sides and a small one on the bottom. This design is similar to the Motorola Moto X, which features a foldable display. Its new patent is pending for 2022.

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