Netflix India reduces its Plans in the Country- Expected to have Edge on Amazon Prime Video!!!

As it is looking to expand its presence in India, Netflix India is reducing the prices of its plans. The new subscription plans start from Rs149 per month, down from Rs199 earlier. 

The company also makes investments in dubbing and subtitling content, which is aimed at a broader audience. The new pricing plans are effective from today, December 14. To get started, you can sign up for a monthly plan for Rs149.

The company has reduced subscription prices in the country by 60%. It has renegotiated the prices for all its plans and users can now avail the service for a discounted price starting today. 

This move is likely to boost Netflix’s growth in the country, where millions of people use smartphones and tablets to stream TV shows and movies. This move comes at a time when the company is facing revenue loss in the US and is looking to expand its viewer base outside of the US.

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Netflix India reduces its Plans in the Country

The price cuts will also affect the number of new subscribers that Netflix has in India. Its basic full service plan, which offers 480p picture quality, will now cost just Rs 149 per month, bringing the cost down by more than 60%. 

The price of the standard plan, which offers 1080p picture quality, will remain the same at Rs 649. Hence, the overall cost of its plans will remain the same.

The company has lowered the prices of its subscription plans in India by 60 per cent. This is meant to attract Indian film audiences, which are predicted to migrate to SVoD platforms within the next five years. 

The company has also experimented with offering free subscriptions and free weekends to lure users. Apart from cutting prices, Netflix has also introduced a mobile plan that lets subscribers watch their favourite movies and TV shows on their smartphones and tablets.

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Netflix India reduces its Plans in the Country- Pack Details

The prices of Netflix India’s basic full service plan, which covers tablet and phone, has been lowered by 60%. The price of the standard plan, which offers 1080p picture quality, has also been reduced by 60 percent. 

The price of the basic full service plan for tablets and smartphones is now Rs199 ($2.63) per month. The price of the premium subscription is Rs499 (£5.56) a year.

The company also lowered its prices for its mobile subscription plans. Those who subscribe to the basic plan will pay Rs149 for the service. Those who subscribe to the standard or premium plan will pay Rs499 a month. 

The revised prices will be available for the other plans as well. A few months later, Netflix will start rolling out the premium plan for Android devices. In the meantime, the basic and mobile plans will remain unchanged.

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Netflix India reduces its Plans in the Country- Price Details

As part of its aggressive expansion plan in India, the company has lowered the price of its basic mobile plan from Rs499 to Rs149. This is the first price reduction in the country for Netflix’s flagship basic plan, which allows users to watch the service on any device, including television. 

As the price of its standard and premium plans has gone down by about 25 percent, Netflix will continue to increase its subscriber base in India.

The cheapest monthly mobile plan for the service will now cost Rs199, and its premium plan will now cost Rs1,499 a year. However, the cheapest monthly plan for a tablet and phone will be reduced by 60%. 

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Netflix India reduces its Plans in the Country- Wrap Up

The standard plan, which has 1080p picture quality, costs INR649 ($8.58) per month. These plans are the cheapest in the country. In addition to these, the company also has a number of additional features.

For the first time since its launch in India, Netflix has drastically lowered the price of its subscription plans. The cheapest monthly mobile plan is available for just Rs149, while the standard and premium plans will cost Rs649 and INR549, respectively. 

This means that almost half of all Netflix subscribers in India will now be able to watch the streaming service. The company estimates that the lowered prices will help the company ramp up its subscriber base in the country.

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