Netflix Yearly Plans of 2021-Value for Money!!!

Netflix, the world’s largest OTT platform which provides its service in more than 190 countries. The company was established way back in the year 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The company was initially set up to rent DVDs but slowly they expanded and move into the business of streaming media.

Netflix’s outstanding customer reach and exemplary business model have made it expand globally. Year after year they have seen their profit & revenue increasing making it one of the world’s top 500 companies. The covid pandemic has given the OTT platforms a pace. All the movies and web series were streaming online on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The Netflix audience base was at its peak and the latest launch movies gave extra benefits to the platform.  The web series, movies, audios, and songs are available in 30 languages on Netflix. The company has expanded its business all over the world except China. The company presence in China is not that much stronger because of the regulatory bodies of China which prevent other companies from doing business in the country. Netflix has revised its yearly and monthly plans in India. If you also wanted to know the revised Netflix yearly and monthly plans then do read our blog till. We gonna tell you about every single pack of Netflix and which package will suit you most.

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Netflix Yearly & Monthly Plans

We are going to discuss every plan which exists on Netflix. Also, we will suggest you the best plan according to your need. In India, Netflix has got 4 Basic Plans which covers almost all the users need. – Rs 199- Rs 299- Rs 499- Rs 649- Rs 799netflix yearly plans

In-depth Details about Netflix Yearly Plans

1) Rs 199- Rs 199 is the introductory plan of Netflix. If you are having a smartphone and you do not need to share your screen with anyone then you may opt for this plan.

The thing you should take care of is that you will be able to watch movies and web series in SD resolution. There is no HD resolution provided on this pack.  If you want to purchase its annual plan then it will cost you around Rs 2388. Note that, with this Netflix Plan you will not able to stream movies and web series on Amazon Fire TV, Laptop, TV, etc but you can view it on Tablet.
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 2) Rs 299- If you own a smartphone but want to stream Netflix content in HD resolution on a smartphone or tablet then this plan is made for you. This plan will give you the ability to view Netflix content in HD resolution even on smartphones. With this plan also you cannot share your Netflix screen with anyone else and only you will have access to the contents. Also, you can download the Netflix content on only one smartphone or tablet. If you want to purchase the Annual Plan then it will cost around Rs 3588. With this plan also you will have no access to Netflix content on Laptops, TVs, and other big screens. 3) Rs 499- This plan is introduced for those who are willing to watch web series and movies on a laptop or TV. You can easily stream all the Netflix content in HD or SD content. It depends on you that in which resolution you want to watch content. Though we can stream HD content on laptops and other big screens we cannot switch to Ultra HD resolution for clearer video quality. Also, in this Netflix plan, you cannot share screens with any other users but you will get access to download unlimited content across the platform on laptop, TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc. The yearly plan of this pack will cost you around Rs 5988.

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 4) Rs 649– The basic plan which allows you to share screens with other users is Rs 649 plan. This is the best plan which is packed with all the features such as screen sharing with one person, watch content on laptop & TV, download unlimited content, etc. This pack also support HD video-streaming on laptop, TV, and other big screens. The drawback of this pack is that it does not support Ultra HD resolution. The only thing added to this plan is that we can share our Netflix screen with one of our family members or friend. If you are thinking to buy an annual subscription to this plan then it will cost you around Rs 7788.  5) Rs 799- The most premium Netflix plan which had introduced in India is the plan of Rs 799. This plan includes many additional features than any other plan. This plan gives you a chance to share your account with four other people. If you are living in a family or group of friends then this pack is perfectly made for you. It is better to purchase a plan of Rs 799 and share it amongst others than every single person purchases their own Netflix plan. Not only that, but you can also stream the contents available in SD, HD, Ultra HD resolution. Either you have a Laptop, TV, Amazon Fire Stick TV, Chromecast, or other big screens, your viewing experience will be perfect using this plan. The only thing about which you should take care is of High-speed Internet. If you want to purchase Netflix Yearly plan for your whole family then you should buy this pack which will cost you Rs 9588 manually.

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netflix yearly plans

How to get Netflix Free Trial

Just like many other audiences if you are also new to Netflix then you may try out the Netflix Free Trial pack. If you want to try out the world’s largest OTT platform app for free then follow the steps mentioned below. 1) Go to your respective app store and download the Netflix app. 2) Install and Sign Up on the app using your registered mobile number and email. 3) You will receive an OTP, enter it and verify your details. 4) Now, there you will see an option of Free Trial. Click on it. 5) They will ask you to enter your credit or debit card details. 6) After successful verifications, your account will be activated instantly. Note:- Although the Free trial is free of cost yet you should keep in mind that you should cancel the free subscriptions before completing one month else money will be automatically deducted from your bank account via your debit or credit card. If you want to proceed further with the subscription then you should choose the plans before the expiry of one month trial else automated plans will be activated.

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How to Change Subscription Plans on Netflix?

If you are a new Netflix user and have chosen the pack which is not ideally suitable for you and now you wanted to change it. Also, you don’t even know that whether Netflix offers such type of service or not. Yes! you can change your subscription plans on Netflix very easily. All you need is to follow the steps mentioned below. 1) Open your Netflix account and tap on the profile icon appearing on the top-right corner. 2) There you will see the account option. 3) Now, go to the Plan Details options.  4) There you will see the Plan Change option. Select the desired plan to which you want to shift to and click on proceed. Your plan will be changed and it will be reflected instantly in your Netflix account.

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Free Netflix Subscription offered by Telecom Companies

We Indians love free things very much. We also possibly do anything to get anything that is free. The Netflix subscriptions also come free with certain packs offered by telecom operators & broadband service providers. You have to only purchase the desired pack in which the company has introduced the free subscription offers. We will suggest to you the best package which you should purchase so that you could grab the best deals on Netflix yearly plans.

Free Netflix Subscriptions from Jio & Vodafone Postpaid Plans

Jio Postpaid Plans has got the introductory offer in which they are offering free subscriptions of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, etc. Here are the list of some Jio Postpaid and Broadband Plans.

– Rs 399 Jio PostPaid Plans- This is the starting Jio Postpaid plans in which users will get 75 GB data, Unlimited Calling, upto 100 SMS per day. Additionally, users will also get free Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions.

– Rs 599 Jio Postpaid Plus Plan- This Postpaid plan comes with 100GB of data, unlimited voice calling, 200GB additional data rollover. You will get free Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar subscription for free.

– Rs 799 Jio Postpaid Plus Plan- With this Jio Postpaid plan, you will too get Netflix and other famous OTT platform subscriptions for free. Also, free unlimited voice calling, 2 SIMs, 100 SMS per day, 200GB data roll over and several other offers.

There are several other plans such as Rs 999 and Rs 1499 plans in which Netflix subscriptions comes for free of cost.

– Rs 1099 Vodafone Idea Postpaid Plans- This pack is introduced by the Vi (a joint venture of Vodafone Idea) in which you will get Netflix, and other OTT platform subscriptions. In addition to that you will also get 100 SMS/day, 7-day international roaming, Data Packs, and several other benefits.

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Conclusion- Netflix Yearly Plans of 2021

Netflix is not only India’s but world largest OTT platform. It has got several packs and offers introduced which can be accessed very easily in just few steps. Most of the users still confuses that which packs suits them the best.

In this blog post, we have provided a detailed informations about every single plans existed. We have also suggested you which plan will be most appropriate seeing the number of users and price.

We have researched a lot before writing this exemplary blog post for you. If you really appreciate our hard work then do not forget to share our content across you all social media platform. For any futher suggestions, you may contact us by the emails.

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