Noise Champ Kids Smartband launched in India- 7-Day Battery Life, IP68 Ratings, etc.

The Noise Champ Kids Smartband wearable is now available in India. Designed for children aged four to eight, the Noise Champ Kids Smartband is priced at Rs 1,999 ($ 25) and will be available exclusively on Amazon starting December 21. 

It will come with a sleep tracker, IP68 rating, and 50 watch faces. Parents will also appreciate its app support, which allows parents to keep track of their child’s activity and sleep.

The Noisy Noise Champ is a basic smartband with alarms and reminders for mealtime, bedtime, and water. However, it comes with more features than just alarms. 

It offers wake-up, mealtime, and bathtime reminders and comes with a memory function. It also has a sleep tracking app, which lets parents view their child’s sleep statistics to help keep track of how well he or she sleeps.

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Noise Champ Kids Smartband launched in India

Noise Champ Kids Smartband launched in India- Features

The Noisy Noise Champ Kids Smartband comes with a screen and a capacitive button. The screen isn’t touch-screen, but it has a high-resolution display that kids will love. 

It also has an alarm and reminder feature, which makes it great for kids. It can be set to wake up your child, remind him or her to eat, or alert them to bedtime. It also has a timer for bathtime.

The Noious Noise Champ Kids Smartband is a water-resistant kids wearable with a small display. It features an IP68 water- and dust-resistant design. It also has health and fitness tracking features and helps monitor sleep cycles. 

It even allows users to schedule a time to wake up, so they can wake up in the morning with a feeling of accomplishment. With a battery life of up to a week, the Noise Champ is an excellent choice for parents looking to give their children the best possible start on the connected lifestyle.

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Noise Champ Kids Smartband launched in India- Price

This smart band is designed for kids and has IP68 waterproof rating. It can track sleep cycles, live heart rate, and other important information. It has an alarm and reminder feature that lets parents keep an eye on the child’s health. 

The app also has 50 customizable watch faces for children. The device is designed for children and available in black, white, and pink color. Despite being priced at a premium, the Noisy Kids Smartband is still a good buy.

The Noisy Kids Smartband is available on Amazon India’s official website and is priced at 1,999 INR ($ 25). The price is based on the IP68 water resistance rating. The band has a built-in GPS. 

It tracks sleep, and daily activities. The app also includes an alarm. The band is water resistant, and is IP68-rated. It is suitable for children. If your child is wearing a Smartband, it is best to keep it near them at all times.

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Noise Champ Kids Smartband launched in India- Waterproof

The Noise Champ Kids Smartband comes in different colours and is IP68-certified. The battery life is decent and the band is IP68-protected, so it can withstand water and dust. Its app support is also great. 

The noise-climbing band can be used by children at any age. The Noisy Kids Smartband is waterproof in all weather conditions. It has an alarm and can be worn by kids.

The Noisy Kids Smartband comes in a variety of colors, including pink and blue. The brand is targeting kids with the first kids’ wearable smartband. It is designed for children aged three and four, and is waterproof to a degree. 

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Noise Champ Kids Smartband launched in India- Wrap Up

Moreover, the Noisy Kids Smartband features popular health features, such as sleep tracking, live heart rate, and notifications. It is also waterproof and IP68-rated, which makes it ideal for water-resistant environments.

The Noisy Kids Smartband is made for children and features the popular noise-cancelling audio band. It comes with decent battery life, IP68-rated and offers up to seven-day battery life. 

Unlike other smartbands, the Noisy Kids Smartband features a sleep tracker, IP68-certified design, and supports the NoiseFit app. If you are interested in buying a Noise Champ Kids Smartband, check out its price on Amazon.

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