NoiseBuds Prima TWS Earbuds Launched in India- ENC, 42 hours Battery life, & Lot More!!!

The Noise Buds Prima are wireless earbuds with a 42-hour battery life and IPX5 sweat and water resistant rating. The brand recently launched a pair of these in India, and it has received positive reviews from customers. 

As for price, the Noise Buds Prima are priced at Rs. 1,799 for the pair, which is a fairly reasonable price in our opinion. They will be available for purchase on December 14 at noon.

These TWS earbuds are also water-resistant. While the prices have been officially announced, a Flipkart app has revealed that the earbuds will cost Rs. 1,799. 

The earbuds are compatible with most mobile phones and offer 42-hour playtime. There’s also an in-built charging case. The Noise Buds Prima will go on sale on December 14, so don’t wait to buy one.

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NoiseBuds Prima TWS Earbuds

NoiseBuds Prima TWS Earbuds- Ergonomics

The noise buds Prima have a long battery life and are comfortable to wear for hours on end. They also come with interchangeable ear tips for added comfort. The angled design of the earbuds helps keep the noise inside the ear. 

The 6-mm driver and quad microphone setup make for excellent audio quality. The product is made for gaming enthusiasts with features like a 42-hour playback, low latency and dedicated gaming mode.

The Noise Buds Prima TWS Earbuds feature an in-ear style, with interchangeable ear tips to fit different shaped ears. The angled design helps improve the fit and provide a comfortable experience. 

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NoiseBuds Prima TWS Earbuds- Features

In addition, the angled design also ensures that you get a clear sound with the 6mm driver. The device is also IPX5 water-resistant, which means you can use it while swimming or playing sports.

The Noise Buds Prima TWS Earbuds have a patented in-ear design with interchangeable earmuffs. The in-ear design allows for the headphones to be more comfortable in the aural environment. 

The four-button remote controls on the back of the earbuds allow you to play music in any environment. You can even control Siri or Google Assistant from your phone through the touch-sensitive button on the back of the device.

The Noise Buds Prima TWS Earbuds are water-resistant. The IPX5 rating of the earbuds allows for easy cleaning and easy replacement of earbuds. 

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NoiseBuds Prima TWS Earbuds- Availability

The company has not yet revealed the price of the Noise Buds Prima. The device will be available on Flipkart. It will be priced at Rs. 1799 for the pair. While the device has yet to be officially announced, the prices are available online.

The Noise Buds Prima features a comfortable in-ear design and a 6mm driver. The angled design and dual-mic system deliver good audio quality and are IPX5 water-resistant. 

The noise buds have a 42-hour playtime, an in-built charging case, and a gaming mode dedicated to gamers. You can buy a pair of the Noisy Buds Prima TWS earbuds at Flipkart and the prices will be reflected in your local currency.

The Noise Buds Prima TWS Earbuds offer many benefits and advantages. They feature an environmental noise cancellation feature and a 42-hour battery life. They have a comfortable in-ear design and are also available in three different colors. 

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NoiseBuds Prima TWS Earbuds- Battery Life

The in-ear earbuds are made of durable material and support Instacharge technology. The battery life is long enough to last 42 hours of audio playtime.

The Noise Buds Prima TWS Earbuds are a great choice for gamers. They offer high-quality audio and a 42-hour playtime, and they support the latest environmental noise cancellation technology. The price of the Noisy Buds Prima TWS Earbuds is unknown. 

Currently, they are available on Flipkart in three different colors, black and white. However, the company has yet to announce an exact date for the launch of the new models.

The noise buds Prima are designed with a stem for comfort and interchangeable eartips. Their four microphones offer higher call-quality and environmental noise cancellation. 

Unlike other earbuds, the Noisy Buds Prima can last up to 42 hours with its battery pack. Furthermore, the brand claims that the headphones are backed by a case and will last up to 120 minutes on a single charge.

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