Nubia New Sound C1 TWS Earbuds launched in China- Inbuilt with Decent Features!!!

The 158 yuan ($25) price tag for Nubia’s new Truly Wireless earbuds is a bit steep, but the company also promises a long battery life and IPX4 waterproof and dustproof features. 

As an added bonus, the earbuds support Bluetooth 5.3, which is 50% faster than Bluetooth 5.0. As a bonus, you can switch the headphones to a low-latency mode if you’re worried about the battery draining too quickly.

The new gaming earbuds from Nubia promise a low-latency audio transmission with a 39-millisecond delay. 

This is a great advantage for smartphone gamers as it means they can hear the sound effects from their games with no delay. Typically, earphones for gaming will require wires, but the Red Magic earbuds may be a good compromise.

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Nubia New Sound C1 TWS Earbuds

Nubia New Sound C1 TWS Earbuds- Transmission

As the name suggests, the Nubia Red Magic gaming earphones have a true wireless design with a 39-millisecond delay. This makes it possible for smartphone gamers to hear the sound effects in their games without any lag.

While the New Sound C1 is an upgraded version of the Nubia Red Magic TWS gaming earphones, it is still not clear what the difference is between the two models.

The first is the color, which is blue. The second comes in white. Both are IPX4 water-resistant. Despite their high price, the company has yet to reveal more details about them.

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Nubia New Sound C1 TWS Earbuds- Battery Life

The company’s earphones have 20 hours of battery life. However, the price tag of the Nubia Red Magic TWS gaming earphones makes them an attractive purchase. 

The device is priced at 158 yuan (around $25 or INR 1600), while is not yet known whether the headphones will be available in other markets. If they do, we’ll update this article.

The company’s Red Magic TWS gaming earphones are aimed at gamers. It features true wireless connectivity with a 39 ms delay. They are currently available only in China. The new earbuds are also waterproof and come in white and green color variants. If you’re interested, take a look at the new earbuds from Nubia.

The Red Magic TWS earphones have been designed for gaming. They feature a low-latency mode of 39ms, a huge advantage for smartphone gamers.

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Nubia New Sound C1 TWS Earbuds- Availability

The Red Magic TWS earphones are sold only in China, but they’re expected to be available in the world soon. This article will be updated as more details are available on the new Nubia RED Magic X-TWS earbuds.

The Red Magic TWS earphones are designed for gaming. They have a 20-hour battery life. The earphones are priced at 158 yuan (around Rs. 1600). As of this writing, the earphones have not been officially launched outside of China, but they are rumoured to be coming to the United States soon.

The Nubia Red Magic TWS earphones offer low-latency audio transmission. The company promises that it will only have 39ms of latency while transmitting audio. 

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Nubia New Sound C1 TWS Earbuds- Wrap Up

This is an extremely important feature for smartphone gamers, as it enables them to hear sound effects clearly during a game. The company has launched these new earphones for the Chinese market, and have not yet launched them elsewhere.

The Nubia Red Magic 5G was launched in March and was priced at EUR 579 in Europe. It was the world’s first phone with a 144Hz display. The New Sound C1 TWS is a less expensive version of the Red Magic. 

The diagonal of the novelty is 6.65 inches. Both handsets have a 12MP front camera. The most popular options include a charging case.

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