Nvidia may bring Android 11 to its 6-year old Shield TV Version!!! Tipped on Google Play Console

The Nvidia Android 11 update has finally been made available to older Shield TV devices. While Samsung has been pushing for three years of updates, NVIDIA has been a good Android citizen, supporting devices that are now considered old and outdated. 

Last month, they were almost out of support for older Shield TVs. So what does this mean for owners of these old devices? This article will explain what you need to know about the upcoming update.

The first rumor about the new update was posted to Reddit. The post was deleted shortly thereafter, but it was still cached and remains available. 

The post may have been removed before the original author deleted it, but it’s possible to see the new version on the same Reddit thread.

Although this is a little confusing, you can’t assume that the new version will look radically different. The most dramatic changes in Android TV have been “under the hood,” so you probably don’t notice any change.

Another rumor is that the Shield TV will receive Android 11 in the near future. While this isn’t official confirmation of the update, it does mark the first step in NVIDIA’s plan to provide updates for the older Shield TV. 

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Nvidia may bring Android 11 to its 6-year old Shield TV

Nvidia may bring Android 11 to its 6-year old Shield TV- Details

Even though it’s not a big deal in the Android ecosystem, the Shield TV is a solid option for Android fans, and it’s a great choice for people who love the TV’s portability.Earlier reports of a new Nvidia Shield TV update have been removed from Reddit, so the update isn’t actually happening. 

This news could mean that the company has closed the beta phase of the Android 11 update, or it’s simply not working yet on this model. It could also mean that future Android updates will have to wait a few more months to reach their final audience.

While this is not confirmation of the Android 11 update for the Shield TV, it is an indication that Nvidia is working to bring the updated version of Android to the Shield TV. 

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Nvidia may bring Android 11 to its 6-year old Shield TV- Additional Features

As an Android TV update, the Shield has received numerous features that have been available on other Android devices, including a Play Console, Auto Low Latency Mode, Switch Access, and an improved Gboard television.

While this is not a definitive confirmation, it is a definite positive sign. While it’s not a definite confirmation of an update, it’s still an indicator that it’s coming in the near future. 

This isn’t the only major change coming to the SHIELD TV. The most notable of these is the inclusion of Play Console support, which is a welcome addition to the current Android version.

Thankfully, the latest version of Android TV does not bring a significant change in the interface, but it does bring a number of other features to the Shield. 

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Nvidia may bring Android 11 to its 6-year old Shield TV- Google Services

This includes the one-time app permissions, which are essential for apps on the Shield. Additionally, there is a new version of the Google Play Store for Shield users. This update also introduces Google Assistant searchable apps.

While the NVIDIA Android TV line will not receive the Android TV 10 update, the NVIDIA Android 11 update to older SHIELD TV devices is apparently in the works. 

Several Reddit users reported receiving the update, but these posts have since been removed. While this is not definitive proof, it’s a definite sign that the company is preparing to close its beta program.

While the Nvidia Android 11 update for older Shield TV has been released for other Android TV devices, this particular version has yet to be released for the older Shield. 

The new update is based on the latest version of the Android OS, which is based on Android 11. The NVIDIA SHIELD TV also offers support for 4K HDR10 and Dolby Vision. However, it doesn’t have the sleekness of Apple’s popular iOS device.

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