OnePlus TriFold Smartphone finally had a Patent!!! See facinating Details about it

OnePlus has filed a patent for a trifold foldable smartphone. The device would have two hinges and two outer panels, and would be a foldable phone when unfolded. OnePlus has yet to publicly reveal the design of the phone, and it is not clear when it will launch. The trifold patent OnePlus has filed for dates back to July 20, 2021. The idea of a three-part phone is a novel concept, though many others have come and gone.

The patent shows a tri-fold smartphone with two hinges and three displays. The patent was filed in China. Based on the renders from the patent, Technizo Concept has created a series of concepts to show how the device will appear. 

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oneplus trifold smartphone

Other Contributors to OnePlus Tri-Fold Smartphone

OnePlus and Oppo are subbrands companies that have been sharing R&D for decades and both companies are interested in the foldable market. While they may not be bringing the first foldable phone to the market, it is clear that the company is considering it.

OnePlus isn’t the only company to experiment with folding phones. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the most affordable foldable phone. But OnePlus is the only company outside of Samsung to produce one. 

Its folding phone is also the most innovative. The foldable display will allow the phone to be compact while it is being used. The design is so unique that a person could use it as a large tablet, as long as they don’t need a lot of space.

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OnePlus Tri-Fold Smartphones- When it will Launch

Despite the many advantages of a foldable smartphone, the design will still be complicated. Its three-screen display will have to be able to accommodate multiple applications, while the hinges will have to be very flexible. Nevertheless, it will be the first smartphone to make this possible. 

The company’s patent reveals a prototype of the foldable smartphone, and the design leaves enough space for multiple applications. It is expected to launch the product in 2022, and it could become the bestselling phone in the world.

A folding screen isn’t a problem for most smartphones. It is a great way to save space and be more compact. It can also help prevent accidents. For example, it can prevent falls. If you have a long-stemmed phone, you can simply fold it to fit in a purse. Alternatively, you can fold it like a traditional cell phone. It will be easy to carry.

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