OnePlus PAD Tablet in Progress- Will be launching in 2022!!!

A recent trademark filing by OnePlus at the EUIPO indicates the company is working on a tablet. While the “OnePlus Pad” is not a foregone conclusion. 

It’s clear the company is developing an answer to Samsung’s best tablet. While it’s unknown when it’ll be released, more information is likely to come in the coming months. This report focuses on the tablet’s design and specs.

While a tablet’s launch will be a significant milestone for OnePlus, the company has been hard at work developing it for some time. OnePlus currently sells smartphones and has recently added audio, wearables, and TVs to its portfolio. 

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OnePlus PAD Tablet

OnePlus PAD Tablet in Progress- Inside Details

Despite its rapid growth in recent years, OnePlus is now gearing up to introduce its upcoming OnePlus 10 series, along with a new tablet. We’ll probably have to wait for that.

While the OnePlus Pad is not yet officially announced, the company has already filed its trademark with the EUIPO. The filing reveals a number of details about the device. Its size is a factor that should be considered as well. 

The tablet’s screen is 12.4 inches, and the aspect ratio is 16:10. As a bonus, OnePlus is also expanding its portfolio and integrating the Oppo team into the company. The new partnership with Oppo should make software updates easier and more reliable.

OnePlus is expanding its product line. From smartphones, it has now ventured into audio and Smart TVs, wearables, and apparel. Now, it’s possible that the company may be planning to enter the tablet market as well. 

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OnePlus PAD Tablet in Progress- Glimpse of Features

A recent filing with the EUIPO shows that OnePlus has filed a trademark for “OnePlus Pad,” but has not revealed any other details about the device. It is believed that the OnePlusPad will ship with Android and its OxygenOS skin.

The OnePlus Pad is expected to launch in the first half of next year, and will mark OnePlus’ entry into the tablet market. OnePlus has already forayed into the smart TV, audio products, and wearable market, but it hasn’t yet ventured into tablets. 

But it is clearly a way to expand the company’s product offering and expand its horizons. However, the OnePlus Pad won’t be available until sometime next year.

Despite its recent success, OnePlus has expanded its product portfolio and diversified into other categories, such as audio and wearables. It’s now a major player in the smartphone market, and has a wide variety of products in its range. 

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OnePlus PAD Tablet in Progress- Other Lineups

In addition to its smartphones, OnePlus has recently branched into audio and smart TVs, and has a line of TWS earphones. But it’s a long way from launching its first tablet.

The OnePlus Pad is a tablet designed for business users. Its design is similar to the iPad, but its larger size makes it more portable. Its name suggests that the OnePlus Pad is an Android tablet. 

The company owns the trademark rights to the name, and is planning to release several different models in the near future. It is likely to launch in India alongside the OnePlus 10 series, which is expected to be released in Q1 of next year.

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OnePlus PAD Tablet in Progress- Wrap Up

It is possible to use the OnePlus Pad in work. The patent listing only mentions the tablet’s name and basic details. This is a positive sign for the tablet’s development, but it’s still too early to say anything about the tablet’s capabilities. 

The OnePlus Pad is not likely to launch in the near future. It is likely to launch with Android and an OxygenOS skin. There’s no indication when the device will be available for purchase.

OnePlus has been working on a tablet for some time. Its patent filing was published July 1 and has now been registered with the EUIPO. While it has yet to be unveiled, the tablet’s name is a strong hint at its upcoming launch. 

The tablet’s design is not just a tablet, but a work tablet. Besides being an Android-based slate, the tablet is designed to be versatile enough for business. It is ideal for work and can be used for school.

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