OnePlus TV Y1S Series Finally Unveiled- Here are the Exclusive Features!!!

The OnePlus TV Y1S series is expected to be announced in the Indian market on February 17. It’s said to have a bezel-less design and a colorful display. It is also expected to have seamless connectivity with earphones and smartphones. 

The Y1S will have a bezel-less design. It will have a resolution of 4K, which is more than enough for watching videos. OnePlus will be selling both the Y1S Edge online. The company also says the Y1S will be sold offline.

OnePlus has teased a new smart television range on social media and through e-commerce website Amazon. The company is expected to unveil a new range of smart TVs with 32- and 43-inch displays. The Y1S Edge and Y1S are expected to be available on both online and offline channels. The Y1S model will be available in India on February 17.

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OnePlus TV Y1S Series

OnePlus TV Y1S Series- Display Features

OnePlus is introducing two new devices to the Indian market today. The Y1S edge smart TV will come in a 32-inch and a 43-inch size. They will run on Android 11 OS and support the Google Play store. The Y1S edge smart TVs will feature 1GB RAM and 8GB of onboard storage. Both models will also have dual-band WiFi connectivity, which is an improvement over their predecessors.

In India, OnePlus will launch a new smart television series, dubbed as the Y1S Edge, Y1S Plus, and Y1S. The Y1S series will be available in three sizes, with a 32-inch model being the most popular. The Y1S will feature a bezel-free design, Android TV 11, and Auto Low Latency Mode.

The TV Y1S Edge will be available in India for the first time, and they will be available as a bundle with the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G smartphone. The Y1S is expected to come with Android TV 11 and Auto Low Latency Mode. The Y1S edge will be available for purchase from a number of retail stores and online.

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OnePlus TV Y1S Series- OS

The Y1S series is expected to be the company’s latest smart TV. It’s slated to be the cheapest model of the Y1S line, but the Y1S Edge will be the most expensive. The Y1S Edge will come with a 32-inch screen and a 43-inch screen. The Y1S base variant will be powered by Android TV 11. It will have a Gamma Engine, which provides superior audio performance.

The Y1S series will be available in two sizes, a 32-inch model and a 43-inch model. The Y1S series will have HD-ready resolutions and FHD-quality screens. They will support HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos decoding. And the Y1S Edge will be available exclusively online. But the Y1S Edge will be available only online.

In addition to the Y1S, the company will also launch the Nord CE 2 5G smartphone and the OnePlus TV Y1S Edge. Moreover, the Y1S series will come with a 32-inch display. The company is planning to launch the TV Y1S with a 32-inch screen. In addition, the two models will feature a bezel-less design, and be powered by Android TV 11. It will also feature Auto Low Latency Mode.

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OnePlus TV Y1S Series- Connectivities

The Y1S is the first of a new series of smart TVs from OnePlus. It will be available in India through the OnePlus website and Amazon India. Several crucial specifications of the Y1S have been leaked on Amazon’s webpage. Unlike the previous Y1S, the Y1S will have no bezels. 

A bezel-less design is expected to be thinner than its predecessors. The Y1S will have a V-shaped stand on its bottom border. Both the U1S and Y1S lines. Furthermore, it will have a dedicated Google Assistant button located on the volume controls.

The Y1S series will pair seamlessly with the OnePlus ecosystem. The Y1S will automatically pair with the OnePlus Watch and the Xperia Watch. They are both wireless, and you can connect them to your Y1S via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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