Oppo AR Glasses & Air Glass Features Tipped on INNO DAY 2021- See Full Details!!!

OPPO AR Glasses and the Air GLASS are two new wearable devices that combine augmented reality and digital content. They will be available in two colours and with two custom frame accessories by 2022. 

They are reportedly the lightest monocle waveguide device in the world. This article will explore more about the upcoming device.

The rumor says that the device will feature the company’s own MariSilicon X chip. This chip has a unique ability to identify objects in the environment. 

It also has a wide angle lens that can help you find the smallest details, which makes it ideal for taking photos.

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Oppo AR Glasses Configurations

In addition to that, the Oppo AR Glasses will also have a wide angle lens for enhanced field of view.

The Air Glass will also come with a bespoke micro projector that is self-developed. With its four intuitive methods of interaction, it can provide users with practical information, such as weather and navigation. 

The glasses also have a teleprompter that allows users to view text and speech in real time. The lenses will come with a bespoke optical diffraction waveguide that will provide sharp aR displays regardless of the surroundings.

The Oppo AR Glasses and Air Glas features are expected to be unveiled at the Oppo Inno Day 2021 virtual conference in December. This phone is also expected to have an innovative processor and a foldable phone. 

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Oppo AR Glasses & Air Glass Features

Oppo Air Glass Configurations

The OPPO Air Glass is one of the new wearables with AR capabilities. It weighs just 30 grams, which is among the lightest monocle waveguide devices in the world. 

The pair of glasses is compatible with the OPPO Watch 2 and can be operated with head movements. It will be available in mainland China in Q1 of 2022.

The Oppo Air Glass comes with a curved display and is equipped with a 5G-capable chip. The device can also use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and is equipped with a GPS. The AirGlass comes with a touchpad on the side to control the device, and a front panel with a built-in camera and microphones.

The Oppo Air Glass uses a micro-LED display in front of the right eye to show information. The device can also be used as a translator, as it works on the same chips as the OPPO Watch. The device will be available in Mainland China by Q1 2022. The smartphone will be available in black and white color with a custom frame.

In addition to the Air Glass, the OPPO Air Glass has several other features. The glasses are a pair of AR glasses that use the smartphone’s camera to project images and video. 

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Oppo AR Glasses & Air Glass Features- Wrap Up

The air Glasses will be available in Q1 of 2021 in China. The OPPO AR glasses & Air Glass will also be equipped with the MariSilicon X NPU chip.

The Oppo AR Glass 2021 was an AR extension for the Android smartphone. It featured a 0.71-inch OLED panel for each eye and was designed to work as an extension of the smartphone. 

The Oppo AR Glass had a similar feature, but the two models differed in their features. The Ooop Air Glass was limited to developers, but a few people managed to get their hands on one.

The OPPO Air Glass is compatible with both iOS and Android, and can be controlled by a smartwatch. The OPG features an integrated touch panel, as well as voice and gesture recognition. 

They is compatible with a smartphone running ColorOS 11. Lastly, it supports the most common Android operating systems, including iOS. A OPPO AR Glass is a great tool for interacting with the technology in your daily life.

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