Oppo ColorOS 12 Detailed Review- See the Detailed Features!!!

The Oppo ColorOS 12 is a new operating system for the company’s phones. It has several changes and is based on Android 12. Unlike previous versions, this new OS offers a lot of customization. 

In fact, it is more user-friendly than Android 11. It uses a clean, light interface to give the phone a fresh look. We take a closer look at the ColorOS 12 and how it compares to its predecessor.

First off, ColorOS 12 is designed for those who love patterns and UI. It focuses on inclusivity and is similar to Google’s Material You design.

Users can choose a colour and the phone will change the theme accordingly. While this is a nice touch, the customization options are limited. 

However, it does have some good features. It has a wide range of customizable emoji characters. The Oppo ColorOS 12 Review provides some useful information.

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Oppo ColorOS 12

Oppo ColorOS 12- Features

The ColorOS 12 UI is largely similar to Android. The biggest differences are the layout and the icons. While Android versions come with a variety of layouts, ColorOS 12 has a simple interface. 

The brightness slider is large but lumpy. The UI is multilingual, offering 67 languages, including over a dozen Indian languages. While this makes it easy for people to communicate in various languages, it is still not perfect.

One thing I enjoyed about ColorOS is its ability to automatically adjust the color profile of the screen based on what you select. It has a grayscale mode and also allows you to select red, green, or blue filters.

The intensity of each filter can be adjusted independently to suit your needs. It is also easy to customize the phone’s permissions, but it is lacking in many areas. But it is still one of the best-looking mobiles on the market.

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Oppo ColorOS 12- Recently Added Features

OPPO has added a new feature to ColorOS, the Simple Mode. It allows users to customize every element of the UI. The interface is less cluttered, but it is more accessible. 

Using the app’s “Simple Mode” is a great addition for those who don’t like the complexity of Android. The user interface is simple but not aesthetically pleasing, so it is best used with caution.

The Oppo ColorOS 12 is a great phone to try if you are a fan of pattern. It looks great and is made to last. It is also very easy to use. You can customize the colour of every element of the UI. 

In fact, the only thing that is limited is the number of options that you can make the app. In this case, you may have to choose a theme that suits your personal preferences.

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Oppo ColorOS 12- Design

The ColorOS 12 is a colour-centric custom skin. Its latest version is based on Android 12. It also has the same basic design as OxygenOS, but it is much more mature and has some tricky features not found in Pixel phones. 

It is a good OS to consider if you want to upgrade your phone. It can be an excellent option if you’re a lover of pattern-filled phones.

The Oppo ColorOS 12 has a very attractive interface, which is made to look modern. Its main menu is a lot more accessible than its predecessor, and the color selection is limited to a few colours. 

The interface is also easier to navigate. Its navigation is simplified and it’s easier to use. Despite the new features, the Oppo ColorOS 12 is not as easy to customize as its predecessor.

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Oppo ColorOS 12- Conclusion

The Oppo ColorOS 12 has a new interface that is less dense and clutter than its predecessor. You can now customize the look of the app drawer with the new system. 

Unlike the previous version, the interface has a more modern design that is easy to use. The main menu is more accessible than ever before. Its UI has fewer features than the previous version, but it is more attractive and functional than its predecessor.

The Oppo find X3 pro is the first device to run the ColorOS 12 operating system. While this model is not available in India yet, we were sent a ColorOS 12 public beta version for testing. 

It’s based on Android 12. It has many stock Android features that will make it a great experience for those who like to customize their phone’s interface. In addition, the UI also supports drag and drop for easy customization.

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