Be Prepared!!! Oppo Much Awaited ColorOS 13 is Rolling Out Officially with Some Great Features

ColorOS 13 is a new custom Android skin designed by Oppo. It comes with improved access to toggles, notifications, and more. The Oppo Control Center also gives you more control over which tiles you want to see at any given time. The top two tiles get more space, and the media player sits to the right of them. This new layout makes it easier to use than previous versions of ColorOS.

Oppo’s latest custom Android skin

Oppo’s latest custom Android skin offers a smooth, intuitive user experience. It incorporates improved behavioural prediction and more fluid interaction effects. This new system also supports Bitmoji and Insight, and is equipped with media playback controls in an updated Control Center. In addition, it offers a new multitasking experience and supports Multi-Screen Connect for the Oppo Pad Air. The new system also reduces the refresh rate of the display to maximize battery life. OPPO’s “Homeland” series is another addition to the ColorOS 13 experience. Its new software reveals the changes in animal homes based on daily temperature changes.

ColorOS 13 brings a card-style layout to the system, making it easier for users to read and navigate through the information that is displayed. The design is similar to Android 12, with square graphics and rounded corners. Oppo has even carried over this design theme to its built-in apps. The Control Center now resembles Android’s main Quick Settings menu.

The ColorOS 13 update is expected to come to Oppo’s Find X5 Pro smartphones within a year. In addition to that, the Reno 8 Pro 5G is also expected to receive ColorOS 13 in the near future. As for the Oppo Find X5 Pro, they should be updated in September and October respectively.

Oppo Much Awaited ColorOS 13 is Rolling Out

ColorOS 13 also introduces improved Multi-Screen Connect. It allows users to sync their Oppo phone with their PC or Oppo Pad. Then, they can transfer files and view the mobile screen on their PC. This feature is very useful for multitasking.

Besides the updated software, ColorOS 13 also comes with a variety of smart features that can be customized. For example, with the Always-On Display (AOD), users can see the music player and delivery status for apps. They can also integrate custom avatars in their AOD wallpapers. Additionally, ColorOS 13 comes with “Homeland” wallpapers that focus on nature and wildlife.

The Custom Android skin of Oppo comes with plenty of features and applications. This allows users to customize their phone without having to worry about bloat. However, it comes with a cost: it doesn’t guarantee a stable and bloat-free experience. Although Oppo’s update policy has improved year after year, it’s still behind Samsung and Google in terms of regular updates.

New animations

ColorOS 13 brings new animations to the user interface. The new UI is inspired by the changing nature of water. The vibrant colours, agile aquatic effects, and polymorphic textured graphics are intended to reflect a life-like experience. To achieve this, OPPO has applied a new design language, Aquamorphic Design, to the mobile platform. It aims to provide a fluid, inclusive experience that is easy to use.

OPPO has improved its Quantum Animation Engine with improved behavioural prediction, which makes the UI smoother and responsive to user interactions. The company also introduced the Dynamic Computing Engine with ColorOS 13, which helps deliver a smooth system and enhance fundamental user experience. The new UI also provides improved media playback controls and a dedicated IoT device control module.

ColorOS 13 also brings a new UI for the Always On Display. The water-based animations now sit alongside the clock, and the ‘Insight’ bar will tell you how much time you’ve spent on your phone, and when you last used it. This can sometimes feel distracting and makes it harder to focus on tasks. It also includes an interactive module that allows users to control Spotify playback. They can also choose recommended playlists.

The ColorOS 13 update will arrive to OPPO Find X5 Pro this month, and will be available to 33 more devices by the end of the year. Oppo also invites its users to provide feedback and share their experiences with the new version. This update is compatible with the latest Android phones and tablets.

Another new feature of ColorOS is the ability to use animations during transitions. It is called Quantum Animation Engine. It enables the application icons to become icon-sized after activation. The result is a smoother user experience, with apps becoming more solid-looking. Moreover, it allows users to pack nine icons on the home screen instead of four.

ColorOS 13 also includes new security features. Users can use the Privacy Safe feature to prevent their personal information from being disclosed to third parties. It also includes a feature called Auto Pixelate, which automatically blurs out names and profile photos in chat screenshots. These features will be available to users on more than 40 ColorOS models this year.

Multi-screen connect

With the Multi-Screen Connect feature in ColorOS 13 you can quickly and easily transfer files between two different devices. It works even without an Internet connection and supports clipboard sharing. This feature also lets you use two apps simultaneously, preventing you from losing time switching between devices. It also allows you to share files with other users.

ColorOS 13 also features a meeting assistant, which automatically focuses wireless data packages and eliminates distractions. Moreover, the new update comes with a Multi-Screen Connect feature, which allows you to share files between two or more Oppo devices, including desktop computers. This feature will increase productivity by allowing you to access multiple screens at the same time.

The Multi-Screen Connect feature in ColorOS 13 also supports OPPO Pad Air, a tablet that was recently launched. This tablet combines powerful productivity features with immersive entertainment. With the multi-screen connection, you can sync OPPO Pad Air with a PC using a simple touch of a button on the Control Center. Besides, you can also perform operations such as video screen capture, reverse control, and copy/paste text from one device to another. With the ColorOS 13 update, you can easily connect your PC and OPPO devices without a hassle.

ColorOS 13 also features a smart home screen management system. It offers large folders, Shelf, and home screen widgets to help you manage and access information the way you want to. Its smart always-on display allows you to access notifications and controls of various apps without having to go through an app store or your mobile phone’s settings menu. The notification panel includes five toggles that make it easier to access information and perform tasks.

The multi-screen connect feature also allows you to switch between two phones at the same time. With this feature, you can easily switch between two devices and use one to browse the web. You can even share one screen with another, which is extremely convenient for Indians. This feature also lets you view information from Swiggy and Zomato without waking up the phone. Apart from these new features, ColorOS 13 also offers plenty of customisation options.

ColorOS 13 also features an Aquamorphic design language that is inspired by sunrise and sunset. This design language has been created to provide a more intuitive and comfortable user experience. It combines natural illustrations with animation effects. It incorporates OPPO’s Quantum Animation Engine and is capable of adapting to different screen sizes. Moreover, the layout of the interface is highly recognizable.

Privacy and security features

ColorOS 13 has new privacy and security features, including the ability to automatically pixelate chat screenshots and hide sensitive information. ColorOS 13 also has Nearby Wi-Fi which lets you connect to Wi-Fi without revealing your location. OPPO says this will protect users from being tracked by malware.

OPPO is rolling out ColorOS 13 to almost 35 models and 60 countries, and expects to have over 160 million users using the new OS by the first half of 2023. The update is available now on the Find X5 Pro and X5, and it will be available to over 20 other devices in 2023.

ColorOS 13 is based on Android 13 and has a water-themed design. It has new privacy and security features, such as automatic encryption and an improved version of the Private Secure feature. Unlike previous ColorOS releases, ColorOS 13 offers more options for users and allows them to customize their experience on the device.

With ColorOS 13, Oppo claims better memory management and battery efficiency. The company calls this the Dynamic Computing Engine. The update also includes five new features, such as Always-On Display, which allows you to view contextual information without unlocking the phone. It also features a new UI that allows you to customize the look and feel of your device.

ColorOS 13 also offers improved multi-device collaboration. Users can now seamlessly transfer files between their smartphones and PCs with the Multi-Screen Connect feature. Furthermore, the update supports more file formats than its predecessor. This feature also lets you display your mobile screen on your PC, enabling multi-tasking on a big screen.