Oppo new NPU and Smart AR Glasses Teased- The Specifications is Awesome!!!

Next week, Oppo is slated to hold its annual Inno Day event in Shenzhen, China. The company will introduce several new products, including its first rear-facing camera smartphone prototype, an improved version of its flagship, and new smart glasses. 

We’ve heard rumors of a retractable rear camera phone, an AI-powered digital human, and a brand-new neural processing unit.

Oppo’s upcoming INNO Day event is expected to feature the company’s latest flagship device, its latest NPU, and a pair of smart AR glasses.In addition to the smart glasses, Oppo will also debut its first Neural Processing Unit (NPU) smartphone. 

This technology uses a camera and a computer to detect objects in your environment. This technology will allow the Oppo AR Glass to accurately track your location. 

However, this technology will be dependent on a smartphone’s tethering capabilities. A tethering device is one of the most common ways to use smart AR Glasses.

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Oppo new NPU and Smart AR Glasses

Oppo new NPU and Smart AR Glasses- Announcement

This announcement is a precursor to the company’s own product debut at CES in January 2022. As a company that focuses on AI and the future of technology, OPPO is expected to make many headlines in the coming months.

While we’re waiting for the event to reveal the new products, the tease of the latest innovations from Oppo is promising. At the event, the Chinese company will be unveiling a retractable rear camera prototype and the latest flagship, along with its new neural processing unit (NPU) and smart AR glasses. 

We’ll have a better idea of what to expect from Oppo this year. At Oppo’s annual Inno Day event next week, the company is expected to reveal a retractable rear camera prototype. 

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Oppo new NPU and Smart AR Glasses- Digital Human Concept

It will also showcase a series of other cutting-edge technologies, including smart AR glasses, an advanced NPU, and AI-powered phones. They will also debut a concept called the Digital Human. All of this will be demonstrated during the event.

The new smart AR glasses could be used for VR or AR games. The smart AR glasses are also expected to include a retractable rear camera. 

The upcoming Inno Day is scheduled to kick off next week, and OPPO is expected to unveil a retractable rear camera cellphone prototype, as well as a new AR-equipped smartphone. We’ll be able to learn more about the technology and how it works by watching the teaser video.

While most of the major smartphones have a built-in NPU, some of them don’t. In fact, the new smart AR glasses are more of an extension of the smartphone. 

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Oppo new NPU and Smart AR Glasses- 

These glasses are designed to be used in AR, and they will even be capable of using voice recognition to help with navigation. A lot of people will be able to use them for entertainment purposes, as they can be paired with the latest smartphones.

The smart glasses and new NPU will be a big part of OPPO’s new smart devices. It is possible that OPPO will use the technology to make more affordable, high-quality smartphones. 

The company has already teased its retractable rear camera module, and it’s expected to debut a new digital human and a retractable camera module. The company’s AI and AR capabilities will be a huge part of upcoming flagships and a big focus in upcoming years.

This year, OPPO will introduce its first smart AR glasses, and the company’s latest flagship smartphone. They will also showcase the latest cutting-edge technologies. The company has teased the retractable camera, and the digital human. 

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Oppo new NPU and Smart AR Glasses- Other Modules

Other breakthroughs include AI, 5G, and the new retractable camera module. At the event, they will present the digital human, the foldable smartphone, and the self-developed rear camera module.

While we’re not sure which of these new technologies will be released at the Inno Day, we can be sure that the company is working on new ways to improve their smartphone’s performance in the next few years.

Aside from the latest flagship, the company is also teasing a retractable rear camera module. It is expected to release more information on the technology, including more specs.

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