Oppo & OnePlus Combined OS to be called H2OOS- Here are Some Key Details

It is believed that OnePlus and Oppo are working together to create a new OS that will replace OxygenOS. The upcoming new OS will be an amalgamation of both ColorOS and OxygenOS. 

If true, the new OS will be called H2OOS. This could mean that OnePlus has made the first steps to bring the two together.

In a recent announcement, OnePlus announced that it was merging with OPPO’s R&D team. The move will streamline operations and capitalise on the shared resources. 

Although the company did say that OxygenOS will still be the default OS on OnePlus phones in India, the latest rumor suggests that a unified skin will be called H2OOS.
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Oppo & OnePlus Combined OS to be called H2OOS- Features

It is believed that OnePlus filed a trademark for H2OOS nearly seven years ago. The Chinese company has a common name for its firmware, which is HydrogenOS. The name makes sense, since water is a chemical element. 

However, this new operating system is still in its early stages. The combination of ColorOS and OxygenOS means that OnePlus and OPPO smartphones will have the same overlay in the future. The two companies merged and announced plans to combine their respective operating systems. The new OS will combine OxygenOS and ColorOS functions, giving them a unified name.
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Oppo & OnePlus Combined OS to be called H2OOS- Availability

As OnePlus had previously filed for a trademark for H2OOS, it seems that a new name has been decided for their unified operating system.

The new name will be OnePlus’s own naming rights, but it may also be a combination of both brands’ names. It’s unclear if the OS will be exclusive to one company or both. It is unknown whether OnePlus has filed for a trademark for H2OOS. Both companies were in the process of introducing a new version of their operating system, but OnePlus has filed the trademark again.

The name is H2OOS, and OnePlus is expected to introduce the new version of the operating system alongside OnePlus. The company has been introducing a hybrid version of the Oxygen OS in China.
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Oppo & OnePlus Combined OS to be called H2OOS- Merging

It is believed that OnePlus may have been planning on naming their unified operating system H2OOS but they are reportedly working on the new version of the Oxygen OS instead.

Despite this, the rumors are a sign of things to come. But if the company chooses to name the new operating system H2OOS, then it is a clear sign that it is working on a new OS. In a recent interview, OnePlus and Oppo have said that they will be merging their operating systems. Moreover, it also revealed that they are combining Oxygen OS and Color OS.

The merger has been a big step forward for both companies and the consumers. OnePlus will be able to bring a wide range of new features with the new operating system.
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Oppo & OnePlus Combined OS to be called H2OOS- Wrap Up

OnePlus and Oppo have filed for a trademark for H2OOS. The merged companies will be using H2OOS on their devices outside of China.

While the Chinese version of ColorOS is still a Chinese patented operating system, the OnePlus brand has not. The company’s new OS is based on OxygenOS and ColorOS, but it will also have some of the same features as its competitors. OnePlus has not yet revealed a date for the release of a unified OS, but it has filed a trademark for a unified OS. While a merged operating system would include OxygenOS and ColorOS, it could also replace OxygenOS. Considering that OnePlus is a Chinese company, its new name is highly unlikely to be HydrogenOS.
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