Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha to gain Grounds with Android 12 Update!!!

The OnePlus 8 is now receiving the first alpha build of the new Paranoid Android Sapphire ROM. Based on the latest version of Android, the build brings new features and special wallpapers. The ROM is available for download for devices running Android 11-based OxygenOS. 

The build is being distributed via Telegram and can be used on the OnePlus device. The developer promises to release the full version of the update soon.

Though this Alpha build is still an alpha, it is already gaining ground in the Android world. While it is currently available only for OnePlus 8 Pro, the team is planning to make it available for more phones. 

It is worth noting that the team is still in the early stages of development and might come across some unexpected bugs and issues. 

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Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha

Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha- In-Depth Details

While this ROM supports only a few devices, it does require an OxygenOS build that is based on Android 11. The ROM also does not support custom kernels.

Although the Alpha version of Paranoid Android has been available for a few months, it is still an alpha build and may have unexpected issues. 

You must be running an Android 11-based build of OxygenOS to be able to install the ROM. Additionally, there are known issues with 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi Direct. You must also be rooted for the ROM to work.

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Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha- Customizations

The new version of Paranoid Android has a few flaws, but overall, it is a great way to get more out of Android. Among them is a UI that allows you to customize your home screen. 

By removing the Google Assistant from the notification bar, you can use your phone’s built-in apps to perform more advanced actions. 

While the UI of the Paranoid ROM is a bit unstable, it is stable, and will improve your experience. It also comes with several customization options.While the ROM is currently only available for OnePlus 8 Pro users, the team will soon release builds for other devices. 

In the meantime, the team has already released Ruby alphas for other devices, including Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus, and is working on the final release of the ROM for these devices. However, it’s still unknown when the final release of this build will be for other devices.

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Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha- Features

The Android ROM has been known to have some notable features and attractive wallpapers. The floating bubble notifications were a unique feature of the original ROM. 

The developer’s naming scheme also continues to be inspired by the mineral names of the phones they are targeting. It is believed that the Sapphire alpha builds of Android will be available for some time in the near future. If it becomes stable enough, it will be available for more devices.

For now, the ROM is only available for OnePlus 8 Pro users. Nevertheless, more devices will follow. It will be available for a limited time as an Alpha release. The developer’s plan is to release the final stable build in a few months. 

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Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha- Other Details

The team’s plan is to continue their tradition of naming their releases after minerals, such as sand and gold. This will enable developers to target a wider range of devices and make their ROMs compatible with all the latest devices.

The team behind the Sapphire Alpha ROM has not yet released any other builds. The build will be available on a few devices in the coming months. The ROM is currently an Alpha release that would be limited to a few devices and would be available for OnePlus 8 Pro. 

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Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha- Wrap Up

The team is working on other devices that support Android 12 and has continued to name their releases after minerals. With the new ROM, it’s easy to see why it’s been so popular among OnePlus owners.

The latest Paranoid Android ROM is currently available only for the OnePlus 8 Pro. More devices will receive the Alpha version soon. During the past year, the team released Ruby alphas. 

These beta builds are often referred to as “beta” versions and are limited to a few devices. The ROM was a major hit, but it had been hampered by the fact that it was based on Android 10.

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