PUBG 2021-22- Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds APK Download for absolutely Free!!!

PUBG is of the mightiest Battle Royale game ever made in history. Also, it is the first game that is based on this concept of gaming which gain huge momentum across the world. Player’s Unknown Battlefield APK is currently banned in India and some other countries.

This step is taken because of the involvement of a Chinese company in the game and allegations have been made that it steals the users’ data. During this time, Pubg has become so much popular that it has surpassed every other game in terms of revenue, users, as well as performance.

The awesome graphics UI has been made keeping the user’s choices in the mind. After its ban in India, players have shifted to other battle royale games such as Free Fire, Call of Duty, indigenously crafted FAUG, etc.

Since India is one of the countries which is the largest consumer of the game so it plays a vital role in terms of users and profit. The Pubg is back with an Indian version of the game known as Battle Grounds Mobile India.

If you are also aching for downloading the PUBG game again then here is the APK link through which you can easily download the game. We will also guide you through the important steps on how to download Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds APK use.

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player's unknown battlegrounds apk download

How to Download Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds APK on Android Devices

In this blog section, you will learn step-by-step methods on how to download, install, and use PUBG APK on your smartphone.

1) Click on the download button given below to go to the download page of the PUBG India version.

2) Now, you will be redirected to the Battlegrounds India Games in the Google Play Store.

3) Click on the Install option and download it on your smartphone.

4) At last open the app and complete your registration on the app to finally play it on your smartphone.

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player's unknown battlegrounds apk download

How to Download Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds APK on iOS Devices

OK, we have already known how to download and install Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds on Android devices but how to get it for iOS devices. Don’t worry we have got the solution for that too through which you can easily download and play PUBG games on Apple smartphones or other gadgets running on the iOS operating system.

1) Click on the button below to download the Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds APK on iOS devices.

2) Now, you will be redirected to the official page of the PUBG game on the Apple App Store.

3) Click on the download button to finally get the app downloaded on your iOS smartphone.

4) The last step which you have to do is register on the PUBG app. After that, you will be free to play the game on your smartphone.

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player's unknown battlegrounds apk download

Other Devices which support PUBG Game?

Pubg is so much popular game that is now available on every major gaming platform. If you are thinking to buy a dedicated gaming gadget then you might have a look at the list of some popular gadgets which supports PUBG game.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Playstation 4
  • Stadia

On which Engine does PUBG is based?

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds is based on Unreal Engine. It gives the user experience a new boost by giving high-end graphics design. With the latest updates, the inbuilt quality of the game is evolving to the next level leaving all the major competitors far behind.

Because of its realistic gaming experience, the company has sold over 70 million copies of personal computers and game consoles in 2020. Also, the game has more than 1 billion downloads worldwide leading the company to generate revenue of around $6.2 billion.

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Who developed the PUBG Game?

This gaming concept was designed and developed by Brendan Greene. PUBG was earlier developed as PC games but soon after gained huge popularity, the company decided to launch for smartphones too.

With time, several other games entered the market such as Free Fire, Call Of Duty, Fortnite, and others making the competition stiffer.

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player's unknown battlegrounds apk download

FAQs related to Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds APK Download

There are several other questions that arise in the mind of players when comes to PUBG. We have tried to cover some frequently asked questions related to the topic.

1) Is PUBG harmful?

If you are also the one who is playing PUBG in excess then the game will be harmful to you. Not only Pubg but also if you are playing other games then it will affect both your eyes and brain as well.

Continuously staring at one screen for a long time can cause migraine and the weakening of eyesight. Therefore it is recommended by expert professionals that you should not spend too much time playing games.

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2) What are the hacks of PUBG?

With time to time, several hacks and tricks come to enhance your gaming performance. The two most popular hacks are Aim Hacks & Speed Hacks. The hacks are pretty straightforward as to their name.

With the Aim hack, you can make sure that each and every shot you make should be exactly the same. With this hack, the shot will directly hit the target you want. The second hack is a speed hack through which you can speed up to make quicker.

3) How much does the PUBG game cost?

The company has not announced any paid version till now. You must have wondered that how PUG gains profit if the game is free. Then for your kind information, most of the revenue generated on the PubG app is through in-app purchases.

Some other popular sources of revenue, are by selling CDs and other means.

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Conclusion-Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds APK Download

PUBG is one of the highest grossed and one of the beloved games across the globe. But after the ban imposed in several countries including India, we were not able to either download the PUBG app or able to update to a new version.

But now the game is available to download and here we are, sharing the official APK of the newly launched PUBG app both in Android as well as iOS smartphone.

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