PLAYGO DUALPODS with Enhanced Bass launched in India- See Price & Specifications!!!

PLAYGO DUALPODS with Integrated Enhanced Bass is the latest addition to the wearable device market. These devices are powered by TWS technology and feature dual drivers. 

They provide a rich and immersive audio experience with the help of EBEL sound drivers. The product’s multiple mic design is said to produce bass like never before. The headphones also feature noise cancellation for a better sound experience.

The PLAYGO DUALPODS with Integrated Enhanced Bass is the latest music player in the market, featuring a single speaker with a twin driver. They are powered by EBEL sound drivers and boast a 10-meter range.  They also have a built-in microphone, and Bluetooth 5.1 technology, which allows them to pair easily with a smartphone or other input device. Also Read- Skagen Falster Gen 6 launched in Europe & JapanPLAYGO DUALPODS with Enhanced Bass launched in India

PLAYGO DUALPODS with Enhanced Bass launched in India- Connectivities

The Playgo DUALPODS with Enhanced Bass is a premium Bluetooth headphone, boasting industry-first technologies. The headphones come with a dual-driver, in-ear design, and microphone.  They also feature an Environmental Noise Reduction (ENR) system, which minimizes the impact of noise on nearby listeners. The Playgo DUALPODS also features a wireless charging case and a Bluetooth 5.1 chip, making it compatible with smartphones. In addition to its innovative EBEL sound drivers, the PLAYGO DUALPODS is equipped with a premium microphone, which makes it easy to communicate with the other party. The PLAYGO DUALPODS is capable of up to five hours of playtime with a single charge and is powered by a USB Type-C connector. 
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PLAYGO DUALPODS with Enhanced Bass launched in India- Price

They feature an Enhanced Bass feature and support for Google Assistant and Siri. Furthermore, the Bluetooth 5.1 chips make it easy to connect to your smartphone, ensuring smooth connectivity. The PLAYGO DUALPODS have a dual 6mm driver, which delivers an extra-large sound. The EBEL sound drivers provide reverb and thump, and the new headphones also have a microphone to allow you to communicate with others. The battery life of these headphones is also impressive, at up to 5 hours. The device is compatible with most smartphones and is priced at INR 1799. Also Read- Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 Max launched in India

PLAYGO DUALPODS with Enhanced Bass launched in India- Connectivities

The PLAYGO DUALPODS come with a twin driver in a TWS pod form factor. Moreover, they come with cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and an in-ear microphone. The PLAYGO DUALPODS with ENERGY RED color is available on Besides, you can also get the DUALPODS in red and teal colors. The new DUALPODS also come with EBEL sound drivers. This is a feature that makes the audio quality of these phones much better than the previous models. In addition, the device supports Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa.  It has a long battery life and can work within a 10m range. Its IPX4 rating means that it will be waterproof to a great extent. The PLAYGO DUALPODS feature Bluetooth 5.1 and dual 6mm sound drivers. Its in-ear design allows it to be paired with any smartphone. Hence, it can be easily carried around and is compatible with other audio devices.  Also Read- Acer Predator CG48 Gaming Monitor Announced

PLAYGO DUALPODS with Enhanced Bass launched in India- Wrap Up

The EPA-certified EBEL sound drivers of the new model can reduce the risk of hearing loss. A third-generation blue-tooth chip is also present in the earphones. The new PLAYGO DUALPODS is an industry-first TWS Pod with an integrated twin driver. They are made of premium materials and are backed by a range of cutting-edge features.  They feature a microphone and can connect to smartphones instantly. They are also compatible with smartphones and are designed for portable use. With a waterproof rating of IPX4, these devices are perfect for any outdoor activity. The PLAYGO DUALPODS with EBEL sound drivers enables a more immersive listening experience. The new earphones have dual drivers in each pod to minimize the loss of audio and eliminate external noise.  They have a USB Type-C charging connector and support the voice assistant. These two earbuds are waterproof and offer exceptional audio quality. They have a range of features for an audiophile’s needs. Also Read- Realme Narzo 50A Prime appears on Indian Website