Pokemon Go New iOS Update features Higher Refresh Rate!!! See Full Details

The Pokemon Go iOS update is currently on its way. The developer, Niantic, announced that it would add support for Apple’s ARKit, which improves the game’s augmented reality capabilities. 

The new feature is called AR+ and is available for players who own an iPhone 6s or later. This update was recently submitted to Apple for review. However, you may not be able to use it until Monday, or possibly Tuesday.

The latest Pokemon Go iOS update has a lot of improvements. It fixes a security issue and squashes numerous bugs. It also allows real-world trainers to automatically sign in after forcing them to log out. 

Users of older iOS versions may not be able to take advantage of this new feature, but people with recent smartphones are likely to benefit. After the update was released, a Reddit user began sharing a thread where users can download it.

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Pokemon Go New iOS Update

Pokemon Go New iOS Update- Improvements

The update does not include any new features, but it does fix some bugs. Several improvements have been made to the game’s interface.

For instance, the game’s search bar now shows the nearest Pokémon. It also shows more detailed information on the location of real-world trainers. 

Despite the bugs, the updated Pokemon Go is an exciting step forward for the game’s future. It’s a good sign for the company’s bottom line.

The iOS version of the game was not updated for a few days, and many players were unable to get it before the official release date. While this is normal for a mobile game, it is not the norm for Apple to release a major update for an app. 

Often, updates show up on the store two days after they appear on Android. In the meantime, players can download the update from the APK file and enjoy it right away.

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Pokemon Go New iOS Update- Released

The updated version of the app was not released until Wednesday. The company did not announce the exact release date, but a redditor found a way to fix the game’s crashing problems. 

After the update, players should no longer have to re-enter their login credentials after forcefully exiting the app. Similarly, the app should no longer crash. Therefore, the iOS version of the game is crucial for the success of the game.

While the new update is free, it is important to note that the game will still require iOS 13 to continue playing. The iOS version of the game has added support for iOS 13 devices, including iPhone 6s and newer.

If you are using an iPhone with iOS 12, the app will cut off the features that you use with the previous version. The iOS update will not affect any of the other versions of the game, but will only affect the iOS version of the application.

The update will fix the security bug, as well as other bugs that were reported to the developer. It will also fix the login problem that is causing many users to disconnect from the game.

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Pokemon Go New iOS Update- Stability

Moreover, the update will also improve the stability of the app. The update will also improve the UI of the game. The latest version of the game has a new login feature and should fix the glitches with the previous version. 

If you’re a fan of the game, you can download it on your iPhone from the App Store.

In addition to the security problem, the update also addresses other bugs. Previously, the game was limited to 30fps on iOS devices. 

With this latest update, Niantic has added the option to unlock the device’s native refresh rate and play at higher frame rates. 

You can now enjoy the game’s high-quality graphics at 60fps on some iPhone models. Its app also fixes a bug that affected the app’s stability.

The update was released overnight, but some users were surprised to find their progress reset to zero. While the update fixed many bugs, many players were worried that the game’s progress would be lost.

This prompted the developer to address the issue and assure players that the updated version was safe. This is the second update for the game, which will support the higher refresh rate. 

If the update is released tomorrow, it will be compatible with iOS devices that support it.

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