Realme is the 2nd Biggest Brand in October Sale in India- Xiaomi stood on the Top!!!

The October Sale in India saw a surge in sales for Realme smartphones. The company claims to have recouped lost sales from a few months back and has grown by 20 to 25 percent in just one month. 

The company is also planning to launch more AIOT products and is expanding its stores to 55,000 across India by next year. During the festive season, it expects to sell 6 million smartphones.

In October, Realme surpassed Xiaomi and OnePlus to become the second biggest brand in India. With a market share of 28%, Realme has become the fastest-growing brand. Its sales in the sale in the first month have exceeded the first month of the sale. 

It is the second-largest brand in India after OnePlus. This impressive feat has helped the brand maintain its momentum and become the second most popular smartphone brand in India.

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Realme is the 2nd Biggest Brand in October Sale in India- Growth

The Company’s smartphone sales are growing steadily, and the Realme GT series sold 300,000 units. The Narzo series and AIOT technology sold 1.4 million units. 

The tech-life line and AIOT devices boosted the company’s sales by over 40 percent compared to October 2017. Despite the slowdown in the market, Realme’s smartphone sales have remained strong. At the same time, it can keep up with its competitor’s growth rates.

Realme is aiming to become the largest brand in India by 2022. It sells mostly through online channels, such as Flipkart. The brand currently holds 52 percent of the online market on Flipkart and 27 percent on the overall market. 

It was ahead of Xiaomi and Vivo, which had 20 and 16 percent market shares, respectively. While Xiaomi and Vivo had smaller market shares, Realme is the fastest growing brand in October sales in India.

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Realme is the 2nd Biggest Brand in October Sale in India- Shipments

In October, Realme’s shipments reached 9.3 million, with the company achieving a 40% year-on-year growth during the Realme Festive Days in October. 

During the Big Billion Days sale, Realme surpassed Samsung to become the number one smart TV brand in the country. 

In the GT series alone, sales of the flagship model of the phone jumped a stunning 300 percent, surpassing the second-placed Samsung. In the C-series segment, Realme also registered 1.4 million units.

The company was one of the top online brands in October with a 52 percent market share. Other popular brands in the October Sale in India include OnePlus, Nokia, and Xiaomi. 

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Realme is the 2nd Biggest Brand in October Sale in India- Holiday Season Sale

During this holiday season, Realme managed to sell 93 lakh units of smartphones, with its rivals following suit. The company also sold Techline and AIOT products. This is a massive increase in sales.

The company has made a strong performance in online channels. During the Realme Festive Days sale, the company posted a staggering growth of 400% on Flipkart. 

It was the only brand among the top five online smartphone brands in the world to sell more than 100 million smartphones in October. Its success is partly because the GT series has 93K unit sales in a few months. Moreover, the narzo series has registered 1.4 million sales.

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Realme is the 2nd Biggest Brand in October Sale in India- Wrap Up

While Xiaomi and Realme are the top two brands in the October Sale in India, the brand is overtaking Xiaomi and Samsung in the market. It captured 20% of the market and its sub-brand Poco delivered 2.7% of sales. 

During the October Sale, Realme is the top brand on Flipkart with a 52% market share. Its shipments grew by 550% in the 20k-35k price segment.

Vivo and Realme are the two top smartphone brands in India. During the October Sale, both brands have a high presence in India. According to Counterpoint, Vivo topped the market in September with its 25% market share. 

The company is also the number two brand in the online space with a 21.9% market share. It has the lowest prices for smartphones. It is ranked third in offline sales but ranks second among mobile brands.

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