Realme Wireless Mouse launched in India- Will not have Click Sound!!!

Realme has launched two new computing accessories in India. The first is the Realme Wireless Mouse, which supports sensitivity levels up to 1,600 DPI. The second accessory is the Realme Type C Hub, which offers HDMI1.4 and USB 3.2 Gen1 ports. 

The price range of both of these devices is under Rs. 799. Whether these two products will be available in India is unclear. We’ll update this article if we hear anything further.

The new product is made for gamers and is designed with ergonomics. It uses a single AA battery and has a noise-free operation. 

It is also equipped with a Silent Touch feature and is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android. Despite its price tag, the Realme Wireless Mouse will be available in India for a reasonable price.

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Realme Wireless Mouse

Realme Wireless Mouse launched in India

The Realme Wireless Mouse has been officially launched in India. It’s the first wireless mouse made by the company for laptop users. It has a sleek design and is designed to be silent. 

Moreover, it uses a single AA battery for power and features a 10-key programmable switch. This means that it will last for up to 8 months, which is more than enough to use the Realme Wireless Mice.
The Realme Wireless Mouse is not directly connected to the PC. To connect to a PC, you need to use a dedicated 2.4GHz dongle. The dongle is placed under the mouse and plugs into a PC’s USB-A port. 

It comes in two colors: black and red. In addition, the Realme Wireless Mice is available in India. However, it hasn’t been announced for release in other countries yet.

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Realme Wireless Mouse- Battery

The Realme Wireless Mouse is available in black, yellow, and green. It is powered by a 1.5V battery and is designed for laptop use. It has a DPI adjustment of 800 DPI. 

The mouse is 62g without the battery and weighs just over a hundred grams. With the Realme wireless mouse, you’ll be able to play games anywhere, anytime. You won’t have to worry about wires or dead batteries anymore.

Unlike many mice that have wireless functionality, the Realme Wireless Mouse can’t be directly connected to a PC. It requires a dedicated 2.4GHz dongle that plugs into a PC’s USB-A port.
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Realme Wireless Mouse- Price

The Realme Wireless Mouse also has a 2.1GHz dongle. The mouse is currently available in India for Rs799, but the company hasn’t announced its availability in other countries.

Although the Realme mouse can be connected to the PC via a USB-A port, it’s not possible to connect the wireless mouse to a PC directly. To connect, a 2.4GHz dongle is required. 

It has a dedicated housing under the mouse that plugs into a PC. The mouse itself comes in black and white. It is also available in India in black and white color options. The Realme Wireless Mouse can be used to play games with a friend.

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Realme Wireless Mouse- Connectivities

As a laptop accessory, the Realme Wireless Mouse is one of the best products in India. It features a quiet operation and ergonomic design. The mouse is powered by a 1.5V battery. 

Its battery life is eight months, but the price of the Realme Wireless Mouse is currently unavailable in India. You can purchase the mouse from the company’s website. You can also purchase it at a local computer shop.

The Realme Wireless Mouse is expected to be available soon. It will run on a 1.5V battery, and the Realme wireless dongle will be inserted into the mouse’s USB-A port. 

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Realme Wireless Mouse- Wrap Up 

The Realme Wireless Mouse has been certified online, and it has been spotted with the Realme Book Slim. While the Realme Watch 2 Pro has yet to be launched in India, it’s also rumoured to be launched in the same month. 

There are details tipped on the pricing of the Realme Gaming wireless mouse, but the device will cost about Rs. 799.

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