Redmi Smart TV X 2022 Launched with MediaTek MT9638 Processor & 4K Display!!!

Xiaomi has introduced two new 4K smart TV models, the Redmi Smart TV X 2022 and X2022. Both feature 120Hz displays and dedicated features for gaming and watching sports. 

Both feature HDMI 2.1 and Dolby Vision. The displays also support HDR and have a deltaE around two. For connectivity, the televisions offer two USB-A ports, Ethernet and Bluetooth. They also feature a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Redmi Smart TV X 2022 series will be available starting October 31 in China. The 55-inch model will be priced at CNY 2,699 ($420) while the 65-inch model will cost CNY 4,999 ($550). 

Both TVs will feature the Android TV interface. However, the price is not yet known. For the time being, the Xiaomi TV X 2022 will be available exclusively in China.

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Redmi Smart TV X 2022

Redmi Smart TV X 2022- Connectivities

The two new models will feature 120Hz displays, and have gaming and sports features. Both TVs will support HDMI 2.1 for connecting external devices. The new model will also feature a 120Hz refresh rate display.

For video gamers, there are two modes for gamers: one for standard definition content and one for gaming. The second option lets you play games on the TV using the built-in Wi-Fi network.

For video gaming, the Redmi Smart TV X 2022 supports Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos is a surround sound format that is compatible with all types of sources, including games and movies. 

Unlike regular TVs, this format is more compatible with older movies. The Redmi X65 2022 supports Dolby Atmos. Lastly, this model supports Dolby Atmos and all other formats of Dolby.

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Redmi Smart TV X 2022- Display

The Redmi Smart TV X 2022 is a successor to the Redmi X from last year. It comes with two screen sizes, 65-inch and 55-inch, and features quad speakers and high-refresh rate display. 

In terms of specifications, the new televisions are more expensive than its predecessor. Its high-quality 4K resolution makes it a great choice for gaming.

The Redmi Smart TV X 2022 has a 120Hz display. It has been designed with the gaming enthusiast in mind. It has two HDMI 2.1 ports for connecting games. 

Besides the X2022’s wide screen, the Redmi TV X2022 also supports Dolby Vision. Both models feature LED backlighting, which gives them a great amount of light.

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Redmi Smart TV X 2022- Availability

The Redmi Smart TV X series will arrive in China on October 20. The 65-inch model is expected to be released on October 31. It will be available in black colour, but it will be available in multiple other countries as well. 

It will have a 120Hz refresh rate. Its screen will be a bit smaller than its predecessors, but it will still offer great quality images. The 120Hz refresh rate and MEMC storage will make it a good choice for many users.

The Redmi Smart TV X series will be available in two sizes: a 55-inch version will cost CNY 2,699, and a 65-inch model will be available for CNY 4,999. Both models will be available in China starting on October 31 at retail stores. 

The X2022 is a good upgrade from previous generations of the Redmi Smart TV series, which was launched in March.

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Redmi Smart TV X 2022- Other Features

The Chinese sub-brand Xiaomi has unveiled a new range of smart TVs. The Redmi Smart TV X 2022 models have a 4K resolution and a 65-inch volume. 

The X 2022 has four HDMI ports and supports 4K. Despite the low price, it is still not a good buy. But it is a great investment for gamers. And it has a great notch.

The Redmi Smart TV X 2022 is available in two screen sizes. It has a 4K resolution and support for HDR and Dolby Vision. It also supports MEMC, which is a type of memory that can store large files. It has a 1T AI computing power. 

Additionally, it offers many smart features that are geared for gaming and watching sports. The Xbox team in China has recommended this model to users.

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