Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Spotted on FCC- See Tipped Specifications!!!


Samsung Galaxy S22+ key Details Out

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 series has appeared on the FCC website. According to SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ will be available to consumers on February 8th. 

However, the S22 Ultra has not yet been listed. We’ll likely find out more about it at the company’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. Here are some of the specifications we’re expecting from these new handsets.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a model number of SM-S901U, while the Galaxy S22+ would be SM-S906U. The devices will be equipped with Wi-Fi 6, 5G connectivity, and Bluetooth NFC. 

The devices will likely feature a 4370mAh battery with a 25W charging support. The Galaxy S22+ will have a foldable LED View Cover that sports NFC functionality.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Spotted on FCC- Connectivities

The Galaxy S22 series appears on the FCC website. The model number SM-S901U indicates that the smartphone will be released in early February. 

The S22+ is expected to feature ultra-wideband connectivity and support for 5G and Wi-Fi 6. The phone’s battery may also offer fast charging. The Galaxy S22+ appear on the FCC website in the United States, but no details have been provided.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and S22+ have both appeared on the FCC. The Galaxy S22+’s entry lends some credibility to the battery capacity, though the S22 Ultra has yet to show up at the FCC. 

The S22+ appears on the list as SM-S901U, which suggests that it will be launched at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. So, which one of these phones will you purchase?

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Spotted on FCC- Compatibility

The Galaxy S22+ smartphones were both listed on the FCC website. The Samsung Galaxy S22 will be the smaller of the two. The Galaxy S22+ will have the larger of the two, but both will have a fingerprint scanner. 

The S22 will also sport a fingerprint sensor. Moreover, the S22+ will also feature a foldable display. It might also have 5G capabilities, but we are not sure yet.

The Galaxy S22+ has passed the FCC, but the Galaxy S22+ haven’t been registered yet. The S22+’s model numbers are SM-S901U and SM-S906U respectively, which are both likely to be the S22+. 

Unlike the S21, the S22+’s alleged battery is 4,350mAh. The S22+ are expected to have a dual-camera setup, which could make them more powerful.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Spotted on FCC- Display

The Galaxy S22 series has already passed the FCC. The S22 Plus will have a 6.0-inch screen, while the S22 Ultra will have a 6.50-inch screen. 

The S22+ is also expected to have a 12MP ultra-wide camera along with 50MP Primary camera. The S22 will also sport a 10MP telephoto lens.

The Galaxy S22 series is expected to retain its slimmer, more compact size, and a dual-camera setup. Despite the Galaxy S22’s rumored camera features, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected to include the same cameras as the S21, including a 20MP camera in the front and a 2MP selfie camera under the display. 

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Spotted on FCC- Wrap Up

Despite the fact that the S22 series is expected to have the same features as the S21, it will have a slightly more powerful battery.

The rumored Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra isn’t yet on the FCC but a similar model number was revealed earlier this year. The SM-S901U is the SM-S901U. The S22+ is a variant of the Galaxy S22. 

It is equipped with a 4,370mAh battery and 25W charging support. The S22+’s LED View Covers will have a foldable design.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series has been discovered on the FCC website. The Galaxy S22+ will be available on February 8 but the S21 FE has been delayed due to a shortage of chipsets. 

It is likely to be priced at the same price as the S20 FE. This way, the S21 will avoid direct competition with the S22s. The rumored battery capacity of the S22 is also quite impressive.

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