Sophia Humanoid Robot gets Transform into iNFT- See Insider Details!!!

In a recent nationally televised game of rock-paper-scissors, Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, beat Jimmy Fallon in a robotic match. A recent announcement from the Saudi government granted her citizenship, marking a major milestone for the robot and its creators.

The announcement sparked an outcry from many quarters, including the humanoid community and animal rights organizations. While the country’s human rights record is a cause for concern, the fact that it grants such recognition to a non-human artificial intelligence robot raises many profound ethical and legal questions.

The humanoid Sophia, which was introduced in 2016 by Hansen Robotics, is now entering the metaverse as an intelligent non-fungible token (iNFT). 

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Sophia Humanoid Robot gets Transform into iNFT

Sophia Humanoid Robot gets Transform into iNFT- In-Depth Details

It is part of the Noah’s Ark Metaverse project and will be available for auction on Binance from December 16. The goal is to raise funds for the project and provide an opportunity for the robot to be adopted into the community.

Sophia is a humanoid robot with a patent for a ‘Frubber’ material that mimics the skin of humans. This biocompatible, lipid-bilayer nanotech allows Sophia to be a part of a gamified environment and engage with humans in real time. 

Its development has been facilitated through a partnership between Hansen Robotics and beingAI. The humanoid is expected to bring humanity and technology together in a way that is both safe and enjoyable. It has already addressed the United Nations and sung with Jimmy Fallon.

The first phase of the transformation is the creation of the iNFT. The iNFT is a new kind of token, which is not fungible but is non-human, allowing the user to manipulate the iNFT with a touch. 

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Sophia Humanoid Robot gets Transform into iNFT- Binance Collab

The AI technology is a huge step forward for the humanoid robot industry. The iNFT project will be launched on December 16 on Binance, and it is set to make the world a safer place for people.

The Sophia Humanoid Robot, modeled after Audrey Hepburn, will enter the metaverse as an iNFT. It will be part of the Noah’s Ark Metaverse project. 

The iNFT will be launched on Binance on December 16. A co-branding agreement and perpetual license will be required. A new humanoid, the iNFT, is a powerful and complex computer.

In a recent announcement, the developer of Sophia Humanoid Robot has announced a new partner. The company’s JOYCE robot will be integrated with Hanson Robotics’ robot Sophia, which is based on the company’s panomorph EYE. 

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Sophia Humanoid Robot gets Transform into iNFT- What is it?

The Sophia Humanoid Robot was developed by Hong Kong-based firm Hansen Robotics. It is widely known for its conversational and persuasive abilities. 

The company’s research has included a report that states that its iNFT will become an “iNFT” in May 2020. Its creators hope to create a new iNFT based on the concept of empathy and compassion.

It’s not clear when Sophia will become an iNFT, but it certainly is the first humanoid robot to be tasked with this role. Its highly developed facial gestures and highly developed voice are thought to foster empathy and compassion, as well as human-to-machine communication. 

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Sophia Humanoid Robot gets Transform into iNFT- Wrap Up

The technology can even be programmed to perform complex tasks for humans, such as taking temperatures or leading exercise sessions for the elderly.

The development of the iNFT is a major breakthrough in the field of AI. It has helped the field of humanoid robots by integrating AI into the design. 

The iNFT will be a blockchain that will be used to facilitate a virtual reality environment. It is a key element in creating the metaverse. The iNFT will be part of the Noah’s Ark metaverse project, which will allow people to interact with it.

Although Sophia is a robot, it is still an artificial intelligence-powered humanoid. The company has approached the Prime Minister Modi to inauguration the event, and it is also working with the government of Telangana to make it a reality. 

Its mission is to create an intelligent metaverse that preserves culture and evolves collective intelligence. In the process, the iNFT will be an integral part of the Noah’s Ark project.

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