TCL Foldable and Rolloable Phone Concept- See What’s Intresting Inside!!!

The Fold ‘n’ Roll phone concept from TCL is a phone that can be folded into a small, pocket-sized package and unfolded to be an 8.85-inch phablet. When unrolled, it can become a 10-inch tablet. 

The device has been in development for two years. TCL general manager of global marketing for its phone business Stefan Streit showed a plastic-model version of the concept to CNET.

The prototype reportedly features a scroll-like display and a six-inch display. The screen is large enough to be used on a bed or while sleeping. 

It’s not clear if the Foldable & Rollable phone will be available for purchase any time soon, but it’s exciting to think about. TCL isn’t the only company working on the concept. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has been rumored to fold inwards, but it needs a second screen to be usable.

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TCL Foldable and Rolloable Phone Concept

TCL Foldable and Rollable Phone Concept-  In-Depth Details

The TCL Foldable and Rollable Phone concept is still a prototype and may not be a reality anytime soon, but it’s still an impressive demonstration of a revolutionary design. 

This device combines the benefits of a foldable and a rollable smartphone into one sleek, compact device. As a result, the foldable phone could make phones much more portable, allowing for more real estate on the screen.

While it isn’t entirely clear whether the TCL Foldable and Rollable Phone concept is real, the TCL Foldable and Rollable phone has already sparked some buzz. The TCL prototype appears to unfold into a tablet. 

The TCL company subsidiary, CSOT, showed off two new rollable display prototypes at CES 2021. Unlike the Frankenstein idea of the past, the TCL prototype is a more refined version of the Rolloable phone.

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TCL Foldable and Rollable Phone Concept-  Work in Progress

In terms of price, the TCL Foldable and Rollable Phone concept is still a concept, but it could be available in 2021. It may be expensive, but it is still a great step forward in the field of mobile technology. 

And despite its high-tech design, TCL has only been known to make Android smartphones, so the TCL concept phone may be a bit overpriced.

Although LG and TCL are well known for their televisions, the TCL concept design is a hybrid of the two. The device is a combination of foldable and rollable phones. 

It looks more sophisticated than the infamous Frankenstein idea, which LG had earlier displayed at CES. It’s not known when the TCL concept will hit the market, but it is an interesting concept that could potentially reach the market at some point.

The TCL concept’s design is a fusion of rollable and foldable phone technology. It replaces the second hinge with a rollable one. Its display is also flexible.

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TCL Foldable and Rollable Phone Concept-  Availability

The TCL foldable and rollable phone concept isn’t available in the market yet, but the company is planning to release a commercially-available version by the end of the year 2022-23.

ts concept design is a very unique feature in the foldable smartphone space and could be a game changer.

A foldable phone is a concept phone that is designed to fold in half and unfold into a tablet. Its display has an OLED panel with high refresh rates. 

However, the foldable phone’s display is likely to be unusable, and it is unlikely to reach the market anytime soon. This new device is certainly worth watching, but it’s still a way off from being ready for the real world.

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TCL Foldable and Rollable Phone Concept- Wrap Up

The TCL Foldable and Rollable Phone concept aims to be three devices in one. Its proprietary “dragonhinge” technology will allow the phone to roll up into a tablet, but it also features a 3.5mm-thick OLED screen that is more than a foot long. 

As long as it has a dual-core processor, the new TCL foldable and rolloable phone concept is definitely worth watching.

The foldable and rollable phone concept is still in the prototype stage and has yet to be revealed in the public. The TCL folding and rolling phone is a hybrid of a rollable tablet and a phone. 

It has a curved back, a flexible screen, and a swiveling touchscreen. The device also supports HDR 10+ and 95% of DCI-P3 color gamut, a D-LED screen, and a 240-Hz refresh rate.

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