TCL NxtWear Air and Leinao AR smart glasses at CES 2022- Here are the Specs!!!

TCL is showing off the new NxtWear Air and Leinao AR smart glasses at CES 2022. The first version of the wearables was introduced in select markets last year, and is capable of acting as a second screen. 

These smart glasses will also support USB-C connectivity and can connect to devices with a DisplayPort interface. The wearables will also feature stereo speakers and wireless or wired headphones. 

TCL has incorporated interchangeable magnetic plates so you can change the style and look of the smart glass.

While the NxtWear Air has one of the biggest drawbacks in the market, it may be the right device for some consumers. 
Its design isn’t very fashionable, but it may be useful for people who travel a lot. It’s possible that TCL will eventually release an augmented reality headset for CES 2022.
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TCL NxtWear Air and Leinao AR smart glasses at CES 2022

TCL NxtWear Air and Leinao AR smart glasses at CES 2022- Key Features

The Air has a slightly slimmer design than the previous model and weighs less than 75 grams. The two micro-OLED displays are 1080p and should provide the wearer with the equivalent of a 140-inch display from a distance of four meters. The wearables also support 3D imagery. They’ll also support 3D viewing.
The NxtWear Air has two 1080p Micro-OLEDs embedded into its frame. At 13 feet, the wearer will get the impression of a 140-inch screen.
While these smart glasses are not yet ready for AR or VR functionality, they’ll have many features that are already available in smartphones and other wearables.
The TCL NxtWear Air has a lightweight design compared to its predecessor. It weighs just 75g but has a much larger display than the original. The TCL Leiniao Air is designed for people who prefer a more ergonomic design. It’s similar to the IMAX 3D glasses.
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TCL NxtWear Air and Leinao AR smart glasses at CES 2022- Connectivities

The NxtWear Air weighs only 75g and is designed to be more comfortable than the previous model. Its two 1080p Micro-LEDs enable the wearer to experience the equivalent of a 140-inch screen at four meters. 
The Leiniao Air is also capable of supporting 3D images. Unlike the former, the TCL NxtWear Air has two cameras in the front and a camera in the back, allowing for a better view of objects.
While the first version of the NxtWear Air smart glasses was released in limited quantities last year, the second generation is now set to launch in the same year.
The NxtWear Air weighs only 75g, compared to 130g in the original model. They are also designed to look more like sunglasses, with a curved display.
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TCL NxtWear Air and Leinao AR smart glasses at CES 2022- Wrap Up

The NxtWear Air is a 30% lighter than the previous model, and it contains a built-in stereo speaker. It can connect to wired or Bluetooth headphones. It also has magnetic interchangeable plates that can be changed to match different outfits.
The NxtWear is a lightweight pair of smart glasses, which means the wearer can change the look and style of the smart glasses without the need for a new pair.
The NxtWear Air is a pair of smart glasses that can be used as head-up displays. For example, the TCL Leiniao AR smart glasses can display the weather and fitness data while you are exercising. 
They also have a USB-C connector, so they can connect to headphones to charge. The lenses can be removed and the device can be used as a heads-up display.
The NxtWear Air is the first smart glass that offers a dual-screen view. The second version includes an ocular microphone and a rear-facing camera, and it comes with interchangeable front-lens covers. 
Both TCL models offer a range of accessories that will make them easy to match your personality.
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