Tecno Memory Fusion feature to add more Virtual RAM!!!

TECNO has just announced that their new Tecno Camon 18 smartphone will come with the Memory Fusion feature. This feature allows users to borrow RAM from storage to speed up their smartphone. 

This new feature has already shown positive effects on performance, cutting application startup times by as much as 80 percent and increasing the number of backend cached applications by twofold. It will be rolled out through OTA update, and it’s available for download now.

Similar to Vivo Extended RAM, the Tecno Memory Fusion feature allows consumers to set additional “working memory” on their phone. This feature improves the user experience by giving users more space to perform tasks.  Also Read- Lenovo Legion Y90 listed on TENAA

Tecno Virtual RAM Feature

The TECNO Camon 18 and TECNO Pova Neo are two examples of smartphones that will get this new feature. Depending on your model, you may be able to set up more than 5GB of Virtual RAM on your device. This feature is similar to the Vivo Extended RAM function and allows users to allocate a portion of their storage space as extra “working” memory.  This feature is being rolled out for a variety of devices, including the Tecno Camon 18, Tecno Pova Neo, Tecno Spark 8T, and Tecno Camon 18 Pro. It will also be coming to the Tecno Camon 18 and Tecno Pova Neo. Tecno Memory Fusion is a feature that makes it possible for a user to borrow more RAM from the phone’s storage in order to boost the phone’s memory capacity.  Also Read- TCL 30 V 5G Smartphone launched in US

Tecno Virtual RAM- Feature Availability

This function is similar to the Vivo Extended RAM feature, which enables users to borrow extra storage to improve the smartphone’s performance. The Tecno Camon 18 will also come with this feature. Unlike Vivo Extended RAM, TECNO Memory Fusion technology allows users to borrow additional RAM from their storage for faster performance. It increases the number of active applications and reduces the time taken to boot up frequently used apps.  The Tecno Memory Fusion feature will be available with the CAMON 18 and SPARK 8 series in December. You can check out the new version of Tecno Memory Fusion in our reviews section! Also Read- Boat AirDopes 111 launched in India with 28 hours Battery

Tecno Virtual RAM- Speed

The Tecno Camon 18 will be getting this new feature, which will allow users to borrow RAM from their storage for faster performance. It will also improve the average app startup time by 80 percent and increase the number of backend cache applications by two fold.  Moreover, the Tecno Pova Neo and Spark 8 will be receiving this new feature soon. This new Tecno smartphone will offer more Virtual RAM than the Vivo Extended RAM. Similarly to the Vivo Extended RAM, TECNO Memory Fusion feature lets consumers allocate internal storage as additional “working” memory to speed up their phone.  The TECNO Camon 18 and Pova Neo will both be available with the Memory Fusion technology from December 2021. The Tecno Pova Neo and Spark 8T will also receive the feature. It will enable users to use more Virtual RAM on their Tecno phones. Also Read- Xiaomi Service+ App has been launched in India

Tecno Virtual RAM Feature- Wrap Up

Similarly to the Vivo Extended RAM feature, Tecno Memory Fusion will allow users to borrow extra “working” memory from their phones. This will enhance the user experience of users, as the device will be able to load more applications and apps simultaneously.  The Tecno Camon 18 will be the first to receive the Memory Fusion feature, and the Tecno Pova Neo and Spark 8T will receive it later this year. While the Vivo Extended RAM feature is a great addition, the Memory Fusion option will be an even better choice for Tecno smartphones.  It will allow users to use more virtual memory from their storage, and increase their phone’s RAM capacity. Likewise, the Tecno Camon 18 will have the Memory Fusion feature rolled out as well, as the Tecno Pova Neo and Spark 8T. Also Read- You can now Download Play Store Games to Windows

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