Telegram V8.5 Update is Live- Brings New Video Stickers, Fast Reactions, Etc.

The latest update for Telegram is available for download from the App Store and Google Play store. It adds a number of new features and fixes bugs. The most notable changes include improved chat quality and emojis. Users can also animate tab-icons on iOS. 

For the first time, users can send silent messages before sending others a message. If you’re an experienced animator, you can learn how to create detailed animated stickers with video editing software. You can check out the full list of changes in the latest update for your version. 

For iOS users, the latest update includes five new reactions that double as interactive emoji. These are perfect for expressing your emotions to friends and family. Users can now publish their own stickers or download stickers from other users.

The new version of Telegram includes support for translation of Instant View pages. Among other improvements, the app has added silent message functionality and a new animated wallpaper. Additionally, users can now make videos and send them directly from the app’s sharing menu.
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Telegram V8.5 Update- Improvements

The update includes several other improvements that improve user experience. The app now supports video stickers. To send a video sticker, users must upload a video to the Stickers bot. Reactions also feature more compact animations.

You can press and hold the “Back” button to see all your recent chats, and you can use this as a shortcut to switch between chats. In addition, users can add chats from their profile or username by holding the “+” sign on their phone screen. The new version of Telegram also includes video stickers. Users need to upload the video to the Stickers bot in order to be able to use the feature. Moreover, users can now send silent messages by holding the ‘back’ button.

They can also use the same shortcut to switch between chats. And, the new version of the application adds an option to send silent messages from the sharing menu. The update is a good improvement for all Telegram users.
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Telegram V8.5 Update- Fixes

The new update focuses on fixing known issues in the application. It will improve the speed of sending stickers, improve chat quality, and increase headroom for live streams and group video calls. The app will also prioritize stickers.

It will also include a new trending section in the tab bar. This will provide users with a quick way to view the latest trends in the app. The latest version of the application is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

As mentioned, Telegram has added video support to its messenger. Users can now upload videos to the Stickers bot. The updates also add more compact animations to reactions.

Aside from these, Telegram has improved many other features. Among them include a new live chat menu, an updated chat list, and more. And, of course, more than a dozen bug fixes.

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Telegram V8.5 Update- Available For

The latest update of Telegram is available for Android users and for PC. The most notable changes include improved call quality and audio quality. The update also introduces a new feature that allows users to send silent messages in their chats.
 In addition to these new features, the update also adds support for video stickers. You can now upload a video to the Stickers bot to create a video sticker.The update also adds support for translation on instant view pages, and a new feature that lets users send silent messages. This new version of Telegram is available for all Android and iOS users, and it includes a number of bug fixes and improvements. The new update also brings improved reactions and interactive emojis. Now, users can use animated emojis in chats. These emojis are now available in all chats, and the new emojis have a range of other features. The emojis now have the ability to be turned on and off. The latest version also introduces the ability to send silent messages.

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