Tencent Might Acquiring Back 4 Blood Developed Turtle Rock Studios- See Inside Details!!!

The acquisition of Back 4 Blood developer Turtle Rock Studios by Tencent may prove to be a major step for the developer. Despite releasing in October, Back four Blood was widely panned for its online-only mode. 

Which meant that solo players could not make progress, earn Supply Points, or track their stats. With the acquisition, the company is attempting to improve the game and make it more appealing to solo players.

The acquisition of Turtle Rock Studios is the latest step in a strategic expansion of the Chinese company. It comes as no surprise that Tencent wants to expand its game portfolio. 

As the parent company of the Back 4 Dead series is known for creating some of the most popular games on the PC and mobile. Moreover, the move also allows Tencent to invest in other game companies around the world.

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Tencent Might Acquiring Back 4 Blood Developed Turtle Rock Studios

Tencent Might Acquiring Back 4 Blood Developed Turtle Rock Studios- Changes after Acquisitions

Although the deal will change the way Back 4 Blood is developed, the studio will continue to operate independently. It will maintain its California-based operations, and the current leadership team will continue to lead the team. 

In the meantime, the company will still continue to develop the game and keep it in the spotlight. There’s no word on whether the acquired studio will continue development of the game. This is an interesting move from both sides of the table.

While it may seem like a bad deal for gamers, the company has a history of acquiring game developers, and Turtle Rock Studios is no exception. The studio, which created Left 4 Dead, has also worked on Back 4 Blood and Evolve. 

These two games were both huge hits in their respective genres, and the game’s launch date is also highly anticipated. But the future of the company’s games is a big question – and it’s certainly no easy road to navigate.

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Tencent Might Acquiring Back 4 Blood Developed Turtle Rock Studios- Improvements

This acquisition is an excellent move for the company, as it helps them expand their business. The company’s acquisition of Turtle Rock Studios’ parent firm, Slamfire, Inc., will keep the studio independent and remain the same. 

However, the team will remain separate, with co-founders Chris Ashton and Phil Robb leading the studio. In addition, the new ownership of the video game developer will not have a negative impact on Back 4 Blood development.

While the acquisition isn’t a merger, it does represent a massive deal for the developers and their fans. The company is buying Back 4 Blood developer Slamfire, which is based in California. 

While the acquisition will not affect the game’s release date, it will allow the studio to focus on developing other video games. This is a good thing for gamers as it helps expand the world of gaming.

With the acquisition, the company has become the parent company of the developer of the zombie-themed co-op shooter Back 4 Blood. The company will continue to run operations in California under the current management of the co-founders. 

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Tencent Might Acquiring Back 4 Blood Developed Turtle Rock Studios- Wrap Up

Additionally, the company will continue to publish Back 4 Blood in cooperation with Warner Bros. Games. This acquisition of Turtle Rock Studios reveals that the Chinese tech giant wants to expand into the game industry.

The deal will allow the company to expand into the video-game industry. Unlike other companies, the Chinese company has a lot of money and will probably make a lot of money. 

In fact, it will also increase the number of game titles it publishes. Besides Back 4 Blood, the company has also recently acquired the developer of the Left 4 Dead series. This means that Back 4 Blood is likely to be part of Tencent’s games.

The acquisition will bring the company’s attention to the video game industry. It will become a major focus for the Chinese tech giant, as it is a key market for the developer of the Left 4 Dead series. 

The acquisition of Turtle Rock will allow the studio to continue to operate independently, and the studio’s co-founders will continue to run the company. The deal is the latest investment by the Chinese mega-corporation in the gaming sector. 

In addition to the purchase of Turtle, it has acquired Klei and Dontnod. While the game market is now owned by Tencent, it owns both Riot Games and Back 4 Blood.

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