The Costliest Phone in the World 2021-Name will shock you!!

If you are also one of those people who think that Apple’s iPhone is the world’s costliest smartphone then your mindset will change from now. No doubt, the iPhone series comprises high-end feature smartphones but when it comes to price it is somehow manageable.

Today, we will tell you about the costliest phone in the world in 2021, and believe me that the list will leave you in complete shock. The phone name that we are going to disclose is also not easily affordable and accessible for millionaires. Only some of the famous billionaires around the world who have tons of money but don’t where to spend it can afford it. In addition to that, we will also tell you why the phone is too costly. What are the specifications of this phone,? So let’s see the smartphone specs and specialty.

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Diamond Crypto Phone

The name of the phone which we are going to talk about is Diamond Crypto. It has not got an advanced feature plus it is not a smartphone too. You might be thinking that if it is not a smartphone then what is it? Then for your kind information, the Diamond Crypto is a featured phone just like any other Nokia or Samsung keypad phone. This phone is made by a Russian smartphone manufacturing firm called JSC Ancort in collaboration with the famous Austrian Jeweller Peter Allison. Both the firms worked to combine and developed this precious and extraordinary phone for the world. Also, for your kind information, it will be available in a limited edition. Also, if it would not have been a limited edition then who could afford this costliest smartphone ever made.

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costliest phone in the world 2021

What is the Price of Diamond CryptoPhone?

Alright, let’s talk about the main motive of you visiting this website which is the price. The Diamond Crypto Phone will cost you around USD 12.5 million, INR 9.3 crores & €10.7 million. You may be thinking what is the thing that makes it the costliest phone in the world. Diamond Crypto phone has got around 50 diamonds all around the edge with 5 blue diamonds placed on each edge side. In addition to that, the phone has got a platinum body which is considered to be one of the most durable metals available in the earth’s crust.  We all have known that it is a feature phone with the keypad given for typing but you know that the keypad buttons are made of 18-carat gold!!! means that for normal people like us it is a jewellery shop. Also Read- Download Kinemaster for PC in 2021

What are the specifications of the Diamond CryptoPhone?

Since this is the costliest phone in the world even in 2021 then no doubt it must have some of the exceptional features that make it a price-worthy phone. If you look carefully then you will find that the Diamond Crypto phone design is quite similar to the Nokia Classic E51 that was considered as one of the top-notch feature phones. The word crypto in the name of the phone itself suggests it’s a special feature. It is inbuilt with encryption technology means that every SMS and calls sent from this smartphone cannot be read by any middle man except the receiver. Overall we can say that the Security feature of this phone is great. The phone runs on a Windows-CE-based operating system along with the Motorola MX21 processor just like other phones. Those days the Motorola processors were used to be in high demand as they provide exceptionally great performance. These are all the specifications that make Diamond Crypto overall the costliest phone ever created. Just look at the price of the phone, it seems that normal billionaires will also think twice before buying the costliest phone in the world.

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  costliest phone in the world 2021

Conclusion-Costliest phone in the World

In this blog, we have covered detailed specifications of the costliest phone in the world in 2021. The Diamond Crypto is a feature phone made with genuine and costly diamonds as well as gold. We have seen a review of many phones and compared them with the price range. In this way, we have come across this phone which is currently the costliest phone in the world who’s worth is 12.5 million dollars. 

If we could get that money then we could have bought hundreds and thousands of iPhone 13 that have been recently launched. We have explored a lot of blogs and articles before writing this authentic and genuine piece of content for you.

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