TMobile unveiled TVision Hub Streaming Dongle- See Price, Specs, & Availability

TMobile unveiled the TVision HUB streaming dongle at CES. The device is similar to Chromecast but has a number of differences. It has a USB-C port and an Ethernet port, rather than a micro-USB port. 

The remote also features dedicated buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Google Assistant, and live TV. The device is available for a pre-order price of $49, but there is no word on when it will be available for purchase.

The new TVision Hub Streaming Dongle is similar to the TVision HUB, but it includes a remote for YouTube and Netflix. It also has Google Assistant buttons for voice control. 

The devices connect via Bluetooth and USB-C. The TVision HUB supports 4K HDR streaming. Although the service was shut down by T-Mobile, TVision’s new dongle can be purchased for $50 and is included with a new home internet line.

During its launch, T-Mobile also launched the TVision Hub with its virtual pay-TV service, but that service was shut down six months later, due to bad licensing decisions. 

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TMobile unveiled TVision Hub Streaming Dongle

TMobile unveiled TVision Hub Streaming Dongle- Ergonomics

The streaming dongle, called TVision Hub, was designed to be compatible with YouTube TV, Netflix, and Google Assistant. It connects to headphones and game controllers and offers 4K HDR streaming. The TVision HUB costs $50, but it is available free of charge to fixed wireless customers.

The TVision Hub is powered by Google TV. It supports 4K output and is USB-C-compatible. The TVision Hub includes a remote for Google Assistant and features a set of Google Assistant buttons. TVision HUB supports 4K HDR streaming, and it can be connected to game controllers and headphones. 

T-Mobile shuttered its subscription service for TVision after six months and replaced it with YouTube TV. T-Mobile continues to offer the TVision HUB for $50, and it is currently free when paired with a new home internet line.

TMobile unveiled TVision Hub Streaming Dongle- Price

The TVision HUB is priced at $50 and will offer over 30 channels at a time. It works with Roku, Android TV, and iOS devices. TVision HUB will support more than 8,000 apps. 

Unlike its predecessor, the TVision HUB will be sold separately to fixed wireless customers. Its launch price is $50. It will be bundled with a T-Mobile subscription, which is already available in the US.

The TVision Hub is a streaming dongle that comes with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It also has shortcuts for YouTube and Netflix. Most T-Mobile wireless plans include these services. 

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TMobile unveiled TVision Hub Streaming Dongle- Compatibility

The TVision HUB is available for $50 and is compatible with the most popular wireless devices. The TVision HUB is free with a new home Internet line but can be purchased separately. A free version is available for eligible customers.

The TVision Hub is a Google TV-powered 4K streaming gadget. It comes with a built-in Ethernet port and Google Assistant buttons. The TVision HUB supports 4K HDR video and supports Google Play music. 

The TVision HUB can be connected to Roku and Android TV. The TVision Hub costs $50. The TVision HUB is offered with a new home internet line for free.

The TVision HUB is a Google TV-powered 4K streaming device that comes with a Google TV remote and a USB-C port for connecting to your computer. 

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TMobile unveiled TVision Hub Streaming Dongle- Wrap Up

The TVision HUB can be purchased for $50 or free if you have an active T-Mobile home internet plan. It will not be available for sale in stores, but it can be obtained for customers with an existing T-Mobile Home Internet contract.

TVision Hub costs $50, but it is not as expensive as some rival products. The TVision dongle is a device that is similar to Google Chromecast and Google TV. It has over 8,000 streaming apps and 700,000 movies. 

The TVision Hub is free with a qualifying new T-Mobile home internet line. However, the TVision dongle is not currently available for purchase. If you already have a T-Mobile home internet plan, the TVision HUB will cost you about $50.

The TVision Hub has built-in Chromecast support and is powered by an Amlogic S905Y4 chipset. The TVision Hub also features a 64-bit quad-core CPU and an ARM Mali-G31 MP2 GPU. 

The TVision HUB is a good choice for consumers who want to enjoy the convenience of streaming without paying cable TV monthly fees.

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