Top Searched Queries on Google Search 2021- IPL & CoWin are few amongst them!!!

Banana bread was the most searched topic on Google in India last year, with Jharkhand, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab also being top searches. 

The most searched news event was the Tokyo Olympics, with news on the black fungus, Afghanistan and the tropical cyclone Tauktae. Recipes for enoki mushrooms topped the list, while Indians were the most curious about chicken soup, palak, and Modak.

The COVID pandemic triggered a spike in search volumes for services nearby. Many of these searches included the location of a Covid hospital, vaccines, and tests, as well as oxygen cylinders and CT scans.

Other popular searches were for food delivery, takeout restaurants, and tiffin services. These trends aren’t surprising, as the number of people searching for the COVID pandemic continues to grow.

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Top Searched Queries on Google Search 2021

Top Searched Queries on Google Search 2021- Sports India

In terms of trends, cricket continued to dominate the search landscape in India last year, as reflected in the Top Searched Query on Google in India in 2021. 

Other popular searches included the Indian Premier League, CoWIN, the ICC T20 World Cup, and the Euro Cup. In the shopping categories, Samsung, Flipkart, and Vivo were the top three. Other notable searches included the Covid vaccine, Free Fire redeem code, and the Indian Premier League.

Cricket is still a popular search topic in India. The top three trending searches in India were CoWIN, the Indian Premier League, and CoVID-19. 

While the ICC T20 World Cup was the most popular global event, the Japanese Olympics, and the US election results also made the list. The Indian Premier League was the only game to make the list as a top trending search in India.

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Top Searched Queries on Google Search 2021- Sports US

In the US, cricket was the most popular sport in the country last year, with four of the top 10 most searched topics related to the sport. 

The most popular sport in the US was football, with the most searches coming from the United States. Soccer was the second most popular sport in the U.S., followed by the World Cup. But cricket was not the only sport on the list.

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Top Searched Queries on Google Search 2021- Other Searched Query in India

Apart from cricket, other popular searches in India were the Indian Premier League, CoWIN, and the Tokyo Olympics. The top trending sports in the year ahead was cricket. The Indian Premier League and CoWIN were the two most popular sports in the country. 

The top five searches in the overall list were: a) Covid was the most popular food in India. b) Goa was the most searched for “Oxygen in your home”.In the US, cricket is the most popular sport in the country, with cricket related queries dominating the search charts. 

In the UK, the top searched keywords were ‘Indian Premier League’ and ‘Covid’ vaccination. Other top sports related searches included ‘Near me’ searches for ‘Covid’ vaccine, ‘European Cup’ and ‘Covid hospitals’.

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Top Searched Queries on Google Search 2021- Content Intrest

The top search trends in India for 2021 were cricket, Bollywood movies, and a variety of other topics. The cricket category contained the most searches in India. 

Some of the other top searches in the Indian search trend included ‘how to’ questions, including ‘how to” and ‘how to’. These searches are related to all aspects of the sport. In addition, the list shows that people are increasingly interested in the ‘How to’ category of Google.

While cricket and the Indian Premier League were the top searches, the ‘what is’ category was dominated by ‘Covid’. The ‘Oxygen at home’ category had the most searches for ‘ozone at home’.

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Top Searched Queries on Google Search 2021- Wrap Up

The list of the Top Searched Query on Google India in 2021 revealed that the Indian population was most enthusiastic about watching video content. 

Among the ‘how to’ category, the most popular topics included ‘covid vaccination’ and ‘cowin.’ ‘how to increase the oxygen level in the body’ and ‘how to download the vaccine certification’.

Yahoo recently published its Year in Review for India. In the list, the top search was “India vs. Australia.” The second place search was “India vs. England” and the top search was ‘Covid 19’. 

In the ‘How to’ category, registering for Covid’, downloading the vaccine certification, and increasing oxygen level were the most popular categories.

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