Top Tech and Gadgets News Today- Vivo V20 2021, OnePlus9 lite, Samsung Exynos 2100, Xiaomi IPO etc.

In today’s tech and gadget news will talk about some most trending tech news. We bring you nearly all major tech news from the World to you.

1. Among Us Game is more popular than PUBG !!!

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If someone will ask you which is the most popular game in the world then your reply would be definitely “PUB-G” but now it seems that a new game “Among Us” is taking place of PUB-G as the most played game.

In November 2020, the data has came that Among Us game has approximately about 500 million active users and that is really unbelievable as till now no game has touched the mark of 500 million active users till date.

2. Samsung Exnos 2100 beats Snapdragon 888 in New Benchmark score.

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Till now there was so many news in the market that claims Exynos 2100 will give tough competition to Snapdragon 888. But the Geekbench score of Exynos 2100 has shocked everyone as the Benchmark score of Exynos 2100 is 1089 points for single-core & 3963 points for multi-core whereas the benchmark score of Snapdragon 888 is 1135 points for single-core & 3794 points for multi-core score.

Please note that this is just leaks and the actual result will vary from it as both Samsung & Snapdragon is still optimizing their processor. We will see the Exynos 2100 processor in their upcoming Samsung Galaxy21 series.

3. Xiaomi has became 100 Billion Dollar Company

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Xiaomi has become one of the fortune company in the smartphone field. As Xiaomi IPO has touched the mark of 100 billion dollars which is about (7.4 lakh crore).

Xiaomi generates major of its income from the smartphone business. In both India & China Xiaomi is on the top in market capitalization. Xiaomi has reported fastest quarterly sale in two years while its earning has beaten its any analyst report as there were rumors that Chinese companies will be affected from US sanctions but it seems that Xiaomi has nill effect of it.

4. Zoom to bring Mail services to compete Gmail

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During a lockdown, many companies have used online video-conferencing for interacting or attaining business meetings and one of the most popular video-conferencing app that booms in this period is Zoom. As, it allows multiple user interaction at a time so it is suggested over other video-conferencing apps such as Skype, Google Duo, etc.

But now, Zoom is going to launch its mailing services to compete with Gmail. It is expected that Zoom will give more easy user interactions as compared to Gmail.

5. Will Samsung Phones also come without Charger

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When Apple has launched its Iphone12 series and announced that the phone will not come with a charger inside the box then many companies including Samsung has made fun of it. But, recently Samsung has deleted the post in which they were teasing Apple phones.

Many, professionals believe that it is an indication that now Samsung is also following the path of the iPhone and user may not able to see charger in Samsung Upcoming smartphone Galaxy S21 series.

6. OnePlus 9 lite will come under Rs 40,000

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In 2021, OnePlus is going to launch its upcoming smartphone series OnePlus9. It is confirmed that the series will have three smartphones namely OnePlus9 Pro, OnePlus9 & OnePlus9 Lite.

OnePlus9 Lite will come under Rs 40,000 and will be powered by Snapdragon 865 processor. But one thing about the smartphone that will annoy the OnePlus fans is that the OnePlus9 lite will have a plastic back.

7. Apple upcoming Chipset will be only of 3nm in Dimension

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Apple has joined hands with TSMC and placed an order to manufacture a 3nm chip. Currently, the Apple M1 chipset is of a 5nm dimension. It is also rumored in the market that the upcoming Apple smartphones series will be embedded with this Chipset. The way technology is expanding it seems anything could happen.

8. COD has announced Gaming Tournament with Prize pool of Rs 35 lakh

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COD has announced a great tournament in India and the winner can get a prize worth 35 lakh rupees. The registration to this game is open and it is expected that 2000 teams are going to participate in this tournament. The game will be live on LOCO.

Each team will be consist of 5 players. Call of Duty mobile teams play 5 vs 5 matches in a league format.

9. Vivo V20 2021 edition is listed for sale on Amazon

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Vivo V20 2021 edition has been placed on Amazon for sale. For your kind information, it is same as V20 2020 edition but the difference is that V20 2020 has Snapdragon 720G processor whereas V20 2021 edition is powered by Snapdragon 730G processor.

10. Realme X7 Pro is going to launch in India

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From Realme it is informed earlier that Realme X7 will be launching soon in India but you will be glad to know that also Realme X7 pro is going to launch in India as per the leaks coming out. It is because Realme has listed the Realme X7 pro help page on their official Indian Website.