TSMC 3nm Process Technology is in Work!!! Will feature upcoming iPhones & Other Gadgets!!!

TSMC 3nm process technology is now in experimental production. The company has already met expectations for its advancement in advanced process technology and has announced plans to mass produce this new IC in the fourth quarter of next year. 

It also intends to introduce the N3E process node, which will be capable of lower power consumption and better performance. As part of this new IC, TSMC is introducing Spectre Circuit Simulation Platform.

TSMC is already working on a new version of its N5 process, dubbed the N5P. The new version of the N5 will be fully IP compatible and uses the same design rules as the standard N5. 

It promises 7% higher performance and 15% lower power than its predecessor. The company expects risk production to start in the fourth quarter of this year, and volume production to begin sometime in 2021.

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TSMC 3nm Process Technology- N5 Node

The N5 node is already commercially available. TSMC is also working on an optimized version of the N5 process called N5P, or N5 Performance-enhanced. 

It’s fully IP compatible and will offer the same performance as the standard N5. The company promises a 7% performance improvement and a 15% reduction in power compared to the N5 node. 

The process will use EUV for up to 20 layers. While TSMC’s plans are unclear, they do say that ASML will supply the necessary quantities to meet high-volume manufacturing.

TSMC has committed to developing the N5P node as soon as 2021. The new node will feature a high-density architecture and pack 250 million transistors per square millimeter. 

TSMC 3nm Process Technology- Compatibility

The process is IP compatible and is expected to be available in volume in 2021. It is currently in risk production with volume manufacturing beginning later in the year. So what can we expect in the coming years?

The 3-nm process node will be a full node that will offer a significant performance and power reduction compared to the current N5 node. It will continue to use the FinFET architecture and be a major advantage for chip makers. 

The resulting chip will also have a high lifetime for the manufacturer. It is important to note that TSMC’s new 3nm process technology is advancing at a fast rate.

TSMC is on track to launch full-scale serial production of this IC in 2020. TSMC is partnering with Apple and AMD to develop these chips.

As a result, the new IC process technology will be capable of delivering the most efficient and reliable chip manufacturing solutions. In addition, TSMC’s new ICs will be designed with the 3nm process in 2022.

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TSMC 3nm Process Technology- Launch

TSMC has announced plans for its 3nm process. The company plans to introduce this technology in the third quarter of next year and has already incorporated it into its main production plant Fab 18.

Ultimately, the technology will deliver higher transistor density and lower energy consumption. However, TSMC’s 3nm chip will also be the only option Intel has for producing a chip at this new node.

TSMC is working with TSMC to develop a multiphysics signoff solution for its 3nm process technology. This solution will help mutual customers meet key power, thermal, and reliability requirements.

Moreover, it will support the latest generation of TSMC’s N3 technology. The company will also work with the TSMC to develop a new IC in a similar way. This will help TSMC achieve a competitive edge in the semiconductor market.

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TSMC 3nm Process Technology- Final Words

TSMC is a global semiconductor leader in the industry. Its 3nm process technology has been used in the production of smartphones, servers, and other data infrastructure products. 

By using TSMC’s advanced 3nm process technology, the company will be able to provide the highest power, performance, and area for its customers. 

With the use of TSMC’s IP cores, the new platform will allow chip makers to develop unique, complex solutions that meet their demanding performance, power, and cost requirements.

TSMC’s N3 process has the potential to double the density of SRAM and analogue circuitry. The process also includes the use of FinFET transistors. This new chip technology will also increase TSMC’s supply chain efficiency. 

Besides these two benefits, TSMC is aiming to make more efficient and power-efficient processors for its customers. With a higher efficiency level, it will be possible to reduce the cost of the chips.

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