Twitter Blue Premium Subscriptions Teased in India- Will go Official Very Soon1

The new Twitter Blue premium subscription is coming to India and it has a few features that are sure to please the users. 

It will include an Undo Send feature, a longer video upload feature, the ability to pin conversations to the top of your Direct Message inbox, bookmark folders and exclusive app icons. 

Moreover, it will also have additional customisation options such as changing the accent colour of the Twitter UI and priority support from Twitter.

The new feature is a paid subscription for Twitter users. The new plan will include ‘Collections’, ‘Undo Tweet’ and an ‘undo’ tweet function. While the US launch date is unknown, it is expected to be launched in India later this year. 

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Twitter Blue Premium Subscriptions Teased in India- Price

The price of the Twitter Blue premium subscription is $2.99 per month, which is roughly Rs. 200. However, there is no word on when it will launch in India.

The features of Twitter Blue will vary from country to country, but they will likely include a dedicated ‘Reader Mode’ and an undo function for users who want to save their tweets. 

Those who choose the premium subscription will have access to more exclusive features, including ad-free articles and a reader mode that will enable them to easily read longer threads. 

Among the new features is Undo Tweet, which allows you to retract your Tweet within 30 seconds after publishing it. However, it is important to note that the Undo button is not the Edit button – it will remove the post from your feed. Hence, it is likely to be a paid feature.

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Twitter Blue Premium Subscriptions Teased in India- Features

The premium features of Twitter Blue include an undo tweet function and an undo button. The undo function will be available within five to thirty seconds of composition and will allow you to review and save your tweets. 

In addition to these, the undo function will also apply to quote or reply tweets. This feature will not work on original tweets, but it will be available on replies and quoted tweets.

Twitter Blue also comes with premium features such as an Undo Tweet, Bookmark Folders, Reader Mode, and coloured themes. The new service also comes with additional premium features that are not available in the free version of Twitter. 

This new feature will let users undo their Tweets, which is a welcome feature for those who are constantly on the go. If this is the case, Twitter Blue may be available in India soon.

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Twitter Blue Premium Subscriptions Teased in India- Availability

In addition to the premium features, Twitter Blue offers an undo tweet option, longer videos, and coloured themes. Apart from these, Twitter Blue is also expected to have an undo tweet feature and a collection option. 

Additionally, it is likely to be offered under a tiered pricing scheme, whereby subscribers pay an additional amount per month for the service. It is unclear if Twitter will offer the premium features to Indian users, but it is worth looking into.

The new Twitter Blue premium subscription will allow users to save tweets and organise them. Other features of Twitter Blue include an undo tweet feature and a ‘Collections’ section. 

In addition, it will also offer an ad-free experience on popular websites. The company has said the subscription will fund journalism, so it’s unclear whether it will be available in India. It is possible that the price of the service will vary depending on the region.

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Twitter Blue Premium Subscriptions Teased in India- Wrap Up

While the service will be available for Android, iOS, and web users in the US, it’s not yet available in India. The service is expected to be available to Indian users for $2.99 per month. 

But the price of Twitter Blue is not yet set. It will be available in India at a later date. The app will also offer a ‘Collections’ section, which will allow users to save their tweets.

The premium subscriptions will include a number of features. For instance, they will enable users to save and organise their tweets. Other benefits of Twitter Blue will include an undo tweet feature. 

This will allow users to undo their tweets. Furthermore, they will be able to save and organise their bookmarks. In addition, the subscription will allow people to access more information at one time, including videos.

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