Vivo OriginOS Ocean Launched Date Out!!! Check Availability & Functionality

Vivo has released a teaser video for its upcoming Android skin, OriginOS Ocean. The teaser does not reveal much information about the new software, but it does reveal its launch date and the new name.

The system will have gesture navigation, a grid system, and cross-device navigation. This will be the first major release for the Chinese manufacturer and will be available on December 9th. Previously known as V-OS, this new OS will be based on Android.

In the teaser, the company shows a large advertisement screen for the new operating system, which will be exclusive to Asia. The phone is said to come with improved security, enhanced animation, and a faster computer interface. 

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Vivo OriginOS Ocean

Vivo OriginOS Ocean- Release Date

The Vivo OriginOS Ocean is expected to be available in China from December 9, 2017. However, its release date is still unknown, but it will be available in the region on December 9. The new phone is expected to come with a number of improvements.

Users can register for the internal beta testing program from today at 7:00 PM, local China time. The company will start recruiting internal beta experience officers for the update. The new version of OriginOS will come with new gesture navigation and improvements to mobile features. 

In addition, the new UI will retain the grid system and gesture navigation. The new OS will also have support for Android’s next version of Lollipop. The company has rolled out the update in waves, and global users can sign up for the earliest available version.

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Vivo OriginOS Ocean- Features

As for the new UI, OriginOS Ocean is more modern and has more customization options. Its color palette is more attractive than its predecessors. It also offers more customizable options. 

The device comes with an integrated fingerprint scanner and a camera for better video capturing. The new operating system will be available on December 9, 2021. The company has announced that the recruitment will start today at 9:00 AM GMT. If you are interested in participating, register now!

The company is also recruiting an internal beta experience officer. The position is open to anyone who has experience with the latest Android versions. The Vivo OriginOS Ocean is due to be released on December 9th. 

The company has also announced recruitment for a new internal beta officer. The role will be based on the Chinese language and the origin of the phone. In the Chinese language, the name is called Shi Jie. It is a translation of the English word “ocean”.

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Vivo OriginOS Ocean- Final Words

The new OS will be implemented on only Chinese market devices. It will feature enhanced smartphone features and easy cross-device navigation. It is already implemented on its devices only. It will also support apps and games. 

This new system will replace the Funtouch OS that previously powered Vivo’s smartphones. Its name is Jin Tian, and it means “originality.” It’s a great way to differentiate your smartphone from others.

In Chinese, the name for the smartphone is iQOO. Its Chinese names are Ta Men De Ke Zhi Android, and Ci Qian Zai Wei Yi. In Chinese, the iQOO translates to “ocean.” In English, this means “ocean.” In Chinese, this is a name for the “ocean”. In Chinese, the Ocean is a metaphor for life.

While there are a few upcoming Vivo devices that are eligible for the closed beta, the list is not complete yet. The community has not yet announced the exact list of devices that will be supported by the system, but tipsters have indicated that the Vivo X60 and X70 will be eligible. The S-series, however, will not be included in this list. The iQOO 8 Pro is a curved-screen version of the iQOO, and the S-series models will not be.

The Chinese name of this smartphone is Lian Ri Lai and Guan Yu Zai Hai. These are the Chinese names for the device, and both mean “ocean” in English. 

The device will also be available in two variants: the standard model and the lite version. The price of the device is not set yet available. Its specifications are based on Android 11.

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