49ers vs Packers- NFL Preseason

San Francisco 49er's football preseason opener saw a 28-21 win over the Green Bay Packers.

Trey Lance is a physical marvel. He has an arm that allows for throws that only a few quarterbacks.

49ers vs Packers- Few Quarterbacks

49ers vs Packers- Threaten Defense

Lance's ability to vertically threaten defenses with Lance under center will create more space underneath.

Gray demonstrated that he is capable of contributing immediately in that role. Gray used his 4.3 speed.

49ers vs Packers- Contributing

The slow fade is a route that Lance feels confident returning to the well with, provided by the player.

49ers vs Packers- Slow Fade

This combination combines a popular route with slow fading and designates it the primary read.

49ers vs Packers- Popular Route

Burford showed remarkable resilience and determination to overcome defeats and win his reputation.

49ers vs Packers- Remarkable

49ers vs Packers- Contract Worth

Image Source- Forbes

The 49ers signed Turay to a 1-year contract worth 1.7 Million seems to be a deal worth per performance.

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