Aaron Donald- Fearsome Player

Aaron Donald is one the most fearsome players of NFL history, and he has had an amazing career.

Donald, who just won the Super Bowl and has already received three Defensive Player-of-the Year.

Aaron Donald- Won Super Bowl

Aaron Donald- Unusual Drill

In an unusual drill, he was seen wrapping his arm around Elijah Garcia, a rookie defensive player.

Donald explained that he was practicing technique, and that Garcia must "pay his dues" in an episode.

Aaron Donald- Practice Technique

Andrew Whitworth, an NFL offensive lineman who recently retired, understands Donald's pain well.

Aaron Donald- NFL Offensive

Having played with him six years ago and trying to keep him in check when he was with Cincinnati Bengals.

Aaron Donald- Six Years Ago

Whitworth told Fox News Digital on Sunday that it was not fun to practice against the future Hall of Famer.

Aaron Donald- Fox News Digital

He's just a human-wrecking ball. Whitworth stated that he thinks no differently than in games.

Aaron Donald- Human Wrecking

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

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