Aaron Donald- Rams Defensive

Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald stated that he intends to remain with as long as Sean McVay.

However, his contract ends at that point and he can become a free agent to join the Steelers in his hometown.

Aaron Donald- A Free Agent

Aaron Donald- Looking for One

Morgan is told by Snead that there's no Aaron Donald and they shouldn't be looking for one.

We should find other ways to press the quarterback. But replacing Aaron Donald? It's a futile call.

Aaron Donald- The Quarterback

He can also try to make a trade to Pittsburgh, or to another city, such as Cleveland, Baltimore, or Cincinnati.

Aaron Donald- Another City

Aaron Donald may be 'feeling 30' today. It's worth asking him how he feels about the three-year extension.

Aaron Donald- Three Year Extension

Donald will not only be feeling 34 at the end, but he also has no clear pathway to guaranteeing himself.

Aaron Donald- Clear Pathway

Aaron Donald- Signing Bonus

Image Source- Marca,Insider

Donald converted $18million in 2021 salary to a signing bonus early this year in order to help the LA Rams.

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