Aaron Donald- His Career

Aaron Donald accomplished all the things you could ever imagine in the NFL throughout his career.

Donald eventually decided to go back for his home team the Rams and sign an extension.

Aaron Donald- An Extension

Aaron Donald- Decided to

What time do Donald decide to put down his cleats? Donald who is now 31 has an idea.

If Sean (Rams head coach Sean McVay) ain't here -- I told Sean when he first got here.

Aaron Donald- Got Here

We came up with some things early and I first told him as long as he's the head coach here.

Aaron Donald- Head Coach

As long as he's here and I got the ability to still play at a high level, I'm going to be here.

Aaron Donald- Ability to Play

When he's gone and it's all said and done, that probably will be when I'm hanging it up.

Aaron Donald- Hanging Up

Image Source- USA Today

Donald already has already a Hall of Fame resume, and is hoping to build on it over the coming games.

Aaron Donald- Hall of Fame

Image Source- NY Times

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