Aaron Gordon- NBA Team

Making a competitive NBA team is definitely not simple. In reality, it's an aim that many professional athletes.

Aaron Gordon has displayed sporadic glimpses of brilliance however he wasn't capable of sustaining the momentum.

Aaron Gordon- Sporadic Glimpse

This was the main reason that saw him exiled from the Orlando Magic last season because they felt he wasn't the piece of it.

Aaron Gordon- Main Reason

When he joined in the Nuggets, Gordon looked like the final piece of the puzzle Tim Connelly was building.

Aaron Gordon- Final Piece

He provided them with a wing that could guard forwards with greater size and enough athleticism to change onto guards.

Aaron Gordon- Guard Forward

Following their move to Denver the team's preferred starting five comprised Gordon, Nikola Jokic, Will Barton, etc.

Aaron Gordon- Team Preferred

Everything ended up falling apart due to injuries to almost all of the players on the roster and we'll never be seeing them.

Aaron Gordon- Falling Apart

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Aaron Gordon- Impressice 

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And Gordon capped off his impressive stretch by scoring a game-winning corner triple with Los Angeles Clipper.

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