Aaron Jones- Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback, sounds as though he expects running backs Aaron Jones.

Rodgers believes Jones and Dillon will each catch 50 passes this year. He also expects the Packers to find a way.

Aaron Jones- Packers will Find Way

Aaron Jones- The Saints

After Tuesday's practice with the Saints, Rodgers stated that "we're going to need to use him.

There is a lot of stuff in that. Both of them have run to us. They have swing passes. We also have screens.

Aaron Jones- Swing Passes

Jones and Dillon combined for 2,306 yards and 17 touchdowns last season. Jones caught 54 passes & Dillion 34.

Aaron Jones- Touchdowns

To reach 50 catches, each player would need to catch three per game for a 17-game season.

Aaron Jones- Catch Three Games

Dillon continues to improve his passing game as he tries to be an "all-purpose back" in 2022.

Aaron Jones- His Passing Game

Aaron Jones- Difficult Catches

Image Source- KTSM El Paso

He has made difficult catches seem easy over the past couple of years and during this training camp.

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