Don't count on to see the Yankees to extend the bat of Aaron Judge during their incredible 2022 season.

Aaron Judge- Yankees to Extent

This was the essence to Yankees Chairman Hal Steinbrenner's remarks regarding Zoom on Wednesday.

Aaron Judge- What Chairman Said

It debates swirl regarding the future of the Yanks the team's biggest star who is a potential free agent.

Aaron Judge- Swirl Regarding

"No whatever happens throughout the season we're not going make any announcements," Steinbrenner said.

Aaron Judge- Throughout Season

We're absolutely not going give any updates. I'm saying, I totally am with Aaron that there is no way.

Aaron Judge- Any Updates

Judge and his camp had a meeting with the Yankees about a possible extension during the offseason.

Aaron Judge- Camp Meeting

"I've been open about my desire to remain a Yankee for the rest of my life," Judge said in April.

Aaron Judge- Desire to Remain

"I would like to bring back a championship in New York. I'd like to do this to the New Yorkers who are here.

Aaron Judge- Back to Champion

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Image Source- USA Today