Aaron Judge has played in 659 games across Major League Baseball and has never been exiled.

Aaron Judge- Major League Baseball

Aaron Judge- Any Time Soon

"I don't know if I'll be getting tossed any time soon," Judge declared in the aftermath of an 8-4 defeat against the Red Sox.

Judge was given the perfect opportunity to let his anger at an umpire boil out after he was penalized for in front.

Aaron Judge- Perfect Opportunity

After a count of 1-2, Whitlock threw a slider that flew over the zone's bottom and crossed the plate to Judge's shins.

Aaron Judge- Zone's Bottom

MLB Gameday's strike zones feature determined it was as a ball. Judge offered some words of praise for the plate umpire.

Aaron Judge- Strike Zone

He returned to the dugout in a calm manner just like he did numerous times following bad strike calls.

Aaron Judge- Calm Manner

Judge was the only pitcher to have out-of-the-zone strikes in 3.2 percent of his pitching season.

Aaron Judge- Only Pitcher

The manager Aaron Boone chirped at Reyburn from the dugout and later, when Boone was kicked.

Aaron Judge- Dugout and Later

Image Source-Bleacher Report

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