Aaron Judge- Hit a Home

Aaron Judge didn't hit a homer on Wednesday in Seattle however it was not due to the fact.

The Mariners made any notable moves to keep him out of the park. It's true that the reason Judge.

Aaron Judge- Any Notable

Aaron Judge- Ever Growing

Make it to his ever-growing total was due to the only thing that could effectively stop the slugger.

In their last home game before their three-city road trip that will take them through St. Louis.

Aaron Judge- Home Game

When they begin their three-game series on the road in St. Louis on Friday the team will be the advantage.

Aaron Judge- Three Game

They'll still have 56 games to play. Halfway into the season, Judge scores 43 homers.

Aaron Judge- 56 Games

That's more than (to select any team the team here) the number of home runs a Pirate.

Aaron Judge- No. of Home

Are the all-time home run record within the realm of possibility? If not, what's that all-time Yankees.

Fernando Tatis Jr- Not Cleared

Image Source- USA Today

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