Aaron Judge- Contract Agreement

Aaron Judge started 2022 by declining the seven-year $213.5m agreement renewal by the New York Yankees.

The deal would have offered the thirty-year-old judge one of the biggest deals that has ever been signed.

Aaron Judge- Some Good Deals

Judge believed that it was more valuable than that, and decided to sit out this season to look in Free Agency.

Aaron Judge- Exploring Free Agency

Judge's feat will allow him to end this season hitting 64 homers and take him over his American League record of 61.

Aaron Judge- American League

Beyond that, there is MLB record territory and the obscure, steroid-bound legacy that include Barry Bonds.

Aaron Judge- Bounded Legacy

Judge's accomplishments are noteworthy since they're taking place in an otherwise poor time for homers.

Aaron Judge- Noteworthy Agreement

Image Source- New York Post

Aaron Judge- Competitor to Him

Image Source- Inside Hook

The closest competitor comparable to Judge, Kyle Schwarber, has hit just 18 home and is sitting at a decent 36.

It's not fair to say that he is lucky either as he hits the ball much harder than the rest of the players.

Aaron Judge- Hitting Balls

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