Aaron Judge intends to "wear an elegant dress" as well as "introduce myself and then relax" in an arbitration.

Aaron Judge- An Arbitration

Yankees should pay their All-Star outfielder the $21 million that which he believes he's earned this season.

Aaron Judge- All Star Outfielder

"I'm anticipating the game," Judge said Tuesday afternoon, ahead of the Yankees taking on Tampa Bay Rays.

Aaron Judge- Anticipating Games

Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field, but Judge did not provide confirmation of the time of the game.

Aaron Judge- Confirmation

 "I've been in contact with people from my agency, former players who went through the process.

Aaron Judge- Contact with People

The final Yankees player to be sent for arbitration was reliever Dellin Betances during 2017 Judge's record-setting.

Image Source- NY Post

Aaron Judge- Yankees Player

A panel of arbitration judges in favor of the team, and Betances was candid to his teammates about the hostility.

Image Source- NJ.com

Aaron Judge- In the Favor

Judge's 25 home runs in the current season are among the top in major leagues.

Aaron Judge- 25 Home Runs

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