Aaron Rodgers- Arizona Carrdinals

The Arizona Cardinals made Kyler Murray the second-highest-paid athlete in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers deserves his place at the top of the charts following his stellar performance.

Aaron Rodgers- Deserves His Place

Aaron Rodgers- Quarterbacks

He is the Packers quarterback has been named MVP honors in every one of the last two seasons.

After a few years of uncertainty regarding his future with Green Bay, Rodgers locked an extension.

Aaron Rodgers- Uncertainity

It's even more shocking to find Murray as the No. second on this list given his fluctuating.

Aaron Rodgers- Shocking

The 2019 No. 1 overall pick is an Rookie of the Year honor as well as the two Pro Bowl selections.

Aaron Rodgers- Overall Pick

He was snubbed in the playoffs last season without a touchdown and two interceptions during a loss.

Aaron Rodgers- Last Season

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The survey conducted by NFL players didn't include Murray as among the most effective quarterbacks.

Aaron Rodgers- Survey Conducted

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NFL Insider Field Yates saw that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was ranked as the third best QB...

Analyst Claim Josh Allen to be Best QB