Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

On Tuesday, July 26, National Football League (NFL) quarterback for Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers.

A video shared by Green Bay Packers on Twitter on Tuesday displayed Rodgers' outfit and hairdo at the 2022.

Aaron Rodgers- Video Shared

Aaron Rodgers- Tight White Tank

Aaron Rodgers donned a tight white tank top vest alongside pants and a dark belt at the Training Camp.

The 38-year-old further wore a couple of dark calfskin boots. Notwithstanding his clothing likewise.

Aaron Rodgers- Clothings

This isn't the initial time Aaron Rodgers has produced such promotion with his mainstream society.

Aaron Rodgers- Initial Times

This was not unexpected as the eminent NFL player had an appearance job in the celebrated NBC sitcom A.A.R.M. 

Aaron Rodgers- Not Expected

Aaron Rodgers later took to his Instagram to share this look and alluded to Nicolas Cage.

Aaron Rodgers- To His Instagram

Image Source- The Guardian

He further added subtitles to the image which were phrases said by Cage's personality, Cameron Poe, in Con Air.

Aaron Rodgers- Further Added

Image Source- Marca

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